PSI Audio with revolutionary new product at NAMM 2023

From 13th to 15th April 2023, PSI Audio will exhibit at NAMM in Anaheim at booth 15102 in ACC North on Level 1. In addition to the highly praised monitor speakers from Switzerland, the show will also feature an all-new product introduction.

The secret to great sound: new product debut
PSI Audio enjoys a reputation of flawless sound reproduction with the meticulously designed and painstakingly optimized speakers from the Swiss manufacture. Maybe even more famous than their speakers is the revolutionary AVAA system, an active bass trap that requires no tuning to the room. This year’s NAMM will see a new product from the Swiss innovators, one long in the making, finally finished and treading new grounds for the company. Attendees are invited to visit PSI Audio at booth 15102 in ACC North for the big reveal come 13th April.

Swiss precision speakers in Anaheim: A23-M and A17-M
Introducing an all-new product does not mean the old virtues are gone, of course: the booth will also feature the A23-M and A17-M as examples of the outstanding speakers PSI Audio is revered for around the globe. The A23-M is a compact three-way speaker with astonishingly accurate mids and impeccable performance across the spectrum, complete with the trademark transparency and fidelity of PSI Audio. The A17-M is the brand’s best-selling studio monitor speaker, achieving uncompromising accuracy in a compact two-way monitor speaker. Both models are equipped with the company’s proprietary technologies like AOI (Adaptive Output Impedance), CPR (Compensated Phase Response) and Class G/H amplifiers; and both models are built and calibrated in the company’s own workshop in Switzerland.

Bass fidelity at its best: Sub A125-M and Sub A225-M
When it comes to precision, many think mainly of the mids, and maybe the high frequencies. PSI Audio considers the entire spectrum, taking good care to not over-emphasize or under-represent any part of the frequency range. This also means that bass reproduction needs to be on par with mids and treble in terms of fidelity and accuracy. The company achieves this with its speakers, but also with its dedicated subwoofers A125-M and A225-M. Both models can be seen at NAMM – the A125-M will be present at the PSI Audio booth, the A225-M will support the presentations of equally innovative software specialists Zynaptiq. Realizing what music sounds like when the bass is reproduced with all the transparency you should expect from a professional tool is a special experience – which Sub A125-M and Sub A225-M deliver.

Remedy for too much bass: AVAA
While PSI Audio has mastered the reproduction of bass with its subwoofers, it has also conquered the opposite field: the elimination of over-emphasized bass in rooms due to room modes. The Active Velocity Acoustic Absorber AVAA was designed to act as an acoustic hole in the wall, practically “sucking in” resonant frequencies between 15 and 150 Hz and eliminating their detrimental influence on the sound in the room. Since it does not work with antisound, but instead imposes an acoustic impedance, it truly eliminates the room modes instead of just eliminating it for one calibrated sweet spot – the entire room sounds clearer, crisper and more transparent. PSI Audio will have a specially built demo box at the booth to demonstrate the stunning efficiency of the system.

Experience PSI Audio at NAMM 2023
Attendees of NAMM 2023 are cordially invited to find PSI Audio at Eleven Dimensions booth 15102 in the Anaheim Convention Center ACC North, Level 1, together with Zynaptiq and reProducer. The Swiss manufacturer is looking forward to introducing the new product, presenting the established portfolio and discussing technology with visitors.


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