NEXT Audiocom introduces new A504DSP

The portuguese manufacturer NEXT Audiocom introduces A504DSP, an amplifier that combines a lightweight, 4 x 500W (2 x 1000W) amplifier, with a powerful DSP engine that can be configured to suit a wide range of tasks, without the need for additional equipment, to drive a wide range of loudspeaker systems. The close integration of processing and amplification allows the DSP to monitor and better adapt to amplifier behavior, making dynamics processing far more accurate and effective than that typically achieved with separate components.

The A504DSP flexibly distributes the total amplifier power in various combinations across four, three or two outputs to drive, for example: Four full-range loudspeakers or subwoofers, High-power subwoofer + two full-range loudspeakers, High-power subwoofer + bi-amplified speaker or High-power full-range loudspeaker + High-power subwoofer.

The A504DSP is a very reliable and strong DSP Amplifier specially designed for both touring and installation with a very simple use. The A504DSP is a cost-effective Power Amplifier that can be used both touring and installation.

Onboard, advanced DSP engine, controlled by built-in OLED screen with an encoder or by a PC, with Input/Output routing, High-Pass and Low-Pass filters, Parametric EQ Filters, Compressors/Limiters, noise gates and Alignment Delays.

The integrated DSP controlled by built-in OLED screen with an encoder eliminates the need for outboard loudspeaker processors.


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