NEXT Audiocom introduces FLEXI15

The portuguese manufacturer NEXT Audiocom is presenting the FLEXI15, a 2000W active 2.1 compact PA system with an integrated DSP processing engine that forms a precisely matched, compact system with professional acoustic properties required by DJs and musicians for both portable use or permanent installation.

“The system was designed for a fast and flexible on-site setup, and maximum reliability with a modern design and a handling optimisation” said Tiago Correia from NEXT Audiogroup R&D Deparment.

The 15” reflex loaded subwoofer provides powerful accurate bass sound while the satellites with 8” mid drivers and 1” HF drivers are responsible for natural sounding mids and crystal-clear highs. To easily expand the system it is possible to link two or more FLEXi 15, simply connecting both systems using a XLR cable (solid line).

The system´s presets are selected by simply rotating the encoder, instantly optimizing the system sound for the required configuration. The presets apply precise DSP sound adjustment settings automatically, eliminating the need for additional hardware, software, and, most importantly, time. The FLEXI15 active PA system features sturdy plywood cabinets, all-important protection circuits, XLR/jack combo, Speakon-compatible connectors, and ergonomically shaped, recessed handles. A scratch-resistant polyurea surface, steel grille, and flanged edges complete the look. Subwoofer with pole mount for satellite speaker, 4 castors, two with locking brakes. Two speaker cables are included in the delivery. Speaker protective covers, matching speaker stands, spacer tubes, and wall mount brackets are also available separately.


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