RCF IPS Series

RCF IPS Series, are high-performance, adaptable 2U power amplifiers for install applications, using sophisticated Class-H topology for two single-channel outputs, two parallel outputs or a single-channel bridge operativity in three power options: 2 x 2600 W (IPS 5.0K), 2 x 1250 W (IPS 2.5K), and 2 x 750 W (IPS 1.5K) at 4 Ohms.

High quality, low distortion audio output, industry-standard speakON connectors, and binding post terminals make the IPS Series the workhorse solution for mobile sound systems and permanent installation applications.

Class-H amplifiers feature low dissipation and allow the amplifier to operate with optimized efficiency, regardless of output power level. Up to full power, a class-H design will require less energy than a pure class AB design, and is better suited for high-power applications.

With a very high signal-to-noise ratio, IPS Series amplifiers also boast a very low total harmonic distortion, making it ideal for highly-demanding music applications which require perfect vocal intelligibility.

IPS Series amplifiers implement several safety strategies protecting both the amplifier and the sound system from overheating and short circuits. All models include an effective peak limiting protection for the transducers.

All amplifier modules are subjected to rigorous quality testing during the production process. Each device is quality controlled with automated equipment and human supervision.

IPS Series amplifiers feature independent gain control, signal/clip and fault indicators, stereo XLR input and output link, stereo / parallel / bridge switch, SPEAKON, and binding post output connectors. Moreover, it is protected against short circuits. Thanks to its high-efficiency heat sinks and variable-speed fans, IPS Series can withstand the most extreme heat conditions ensuring complete reliability.

RCF IPS Series – Now Available For Pre Order

Info: www.rcf.it

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