ISE 2023: Day Four

Fourth appointment with the daily ISE 2023 recap, with interesting news from IOVERSAL, AV Stumpfl, BIAMP, Jabra, Epson , KSCAPE and GLP.
Given the amount of content collected during the Barcelona experience, we will publish a further 4+1 recap. Happy reading!


Every trade fair is often a treasure hunt in which you happen to discover companies that are not top players in the industry but present extremely useful and innovative solutions. We are talking about Vertex, an AV production suite ideal for installations, live events, streaming solutions and much more, developed by Iorvesal,

It is a native, multiuser, multi-system, hardware-independent platform capable of handling uncompressed playback, 10-bit HDR content, Photoshop files, presentations or simple clips, offering support for over 180 video codecs, image formats and even interactive HTML 5 assets. Vertec allows you to create innovative and integrated layouts, fit into Broadcast workflows using input cards or streaming protocols such as NDI in or out, and much more.

With Vertex you can control and monitor any device for museums, theme parks, shows and installations, thanks to an extensive toolset for easy and powerful programming for any project. Whether creating touchscreen interfaces or programming complex logic tasks, Vertex combines essential functions in a single application.

And as if that were not enough, the suite allows you to create logic programming tasks using the integrated Vertex node framework or to give rise to interactive digital experiences using the drag-and-drop based UI editor, and even integrate real-time rendering engines such as Unreal, Unity, Ventuz or Notch to combine the creativity provided by these systems with the power of an AV production suite.



AV Stumpfl is present in Barcelona with an impressive and elegant stand for the launch of Pixera 2.0, a major release that will be available from Q2 2023 and brings many important features, including Multi-User, an innovative 1:N Backup solution and the integration of major tracking systems.

Pixera four, AV Stumpfl’s flagship media server, powerful and ideal for the most demanding real-time graphics applications and XR/AR broadcast configurations, won the Inavation award 2023 in the content, steaming and broadcast category during ISE.
It is a system with a default data read rate of 10GB/s, equipped with five PCI 4.0 slots for broad configuration flexibility, and capable of playing back uncompressed 8K (4:4:4) content at 60fps. At the heart of the media server is the AMD Performance CPU with 128GB of RAM and up to 61TB of storage with 20GB/s available.

Also new are the AVStumpfl screens, with the brand new AnyShape, a unique product on the market as it can be realized in any shape, with any surface and with a modular frame for easy transport and storage.



Many new features were presented by Biamp at ISE 2023, starting with the expansion of the loudspeaker line with the introduction of new Desono commercial and low-profile speakers.

New additions include the Desono™ C-IC6LP and DX-IC6LP low-profile (4cm footprint), high-efficiency ceiling-mount loudspeakers for conference rooms, as well as a range of affordable commercial loudspeakers compatible with the Vocia line of voice communication solutions.

Both the Desono C-IC6LP and the DX-IC6-LP are identical in appearance and performance; the only difference is that the C-IC6 has an RJ45 jack (for connection to Biamp’s AMP-450BP) and a power cable. AMP-450BP) and is low impedance only (no transformer). The DX-IC6LP includes a 60W transformer without RJ45 jacks.

Designed to deliver outstanding performance in conjunction with Biamp’s Vocia voice communication system, the new commercial loudspeakers offer a simplified installation experience with significant cost savings and superior voice intelligibility.

Also on show the new Voltera family of power amplifiers, consisting of four compact, flexible, reliable and efficient models for commercial applications and designed to meet ENERGY STAR requirements. Two of the four new products are two-channel analogue amplifiers delivering a total of 300 or 600 watts. The simple and intuitive mode switches allow for quick implementation of any Lo-Z/Hi-Z speaker combination. Voltera amplifiers do not require software configuration.



Jabra presents at ISE the PanaCast 50 Video Bar system equipped with the Panoramic-4K multi-camera system with 180° field of view, which guarantees a faithful representation of the people in the room.

It also features eight professional-grade microphones with voice detection and intelligent algorithms that automatically identify and remove residual echoes and static noise, as well as a system of four powerful speakers in a zero-vibration stereo configuration.

At the Jabra stand, we were able to appreciate some examples of installations ranging from home working with practical portable kits capable of transforming one’s own room into a real office, to remote conferences from meeting rooms with some tricks concerning the use of the zoom to maintain the proportions of the framed subjects or even the possibility of following and framing the subjects if they move away from the workstation, up to the recognition of blackboards and the management of their framing by excluding those who are writing with a game of transparencies, in order to make the text visible.

A range of solutions that can transform your home or meeting room into a smart, state-of-the-art system for engaging hybrid meetings.



Epson presents a complete line-up of equipment for large professional, education, corporate, retail, museum and entertainment installations on a stand offering a range of highly immersive experiences. Many innovations in the field of video projection with very compact, energy efficient, ultra-light and high brightness equipment.

Also on show at ISE is Epson’s new EB-PQ2000 range of high-brightness 3LCD projectors with 4K technology, 60% smaller and 50% lighter than the previous model. Thanks to its features and size, it allows for greater mobility and, at the same time, easy installation and set-up. All this with high image quality and a design and operation that takes into account the principles of sustainability.

Also improved is the free Epson Projector Professional Tool (EPPT) software that offers new features including geometric correction, colour calibration and support tools for multi-projection with automatic stacking or blending even on curved screens.

In addition to presenting its new projection ranges, Epson also offers a series of immersive experiences, many of them developed as a tribute to the city of Barcelona.



In K-array’s demo room, we were able to see the latest innovations in the RAIL system, an effective and elegant professional audio solution with high-quality comfortable lighting.

RAIL is equipped with 3 full-range cone drivers from K-array built to provide a powerful blend of low and high frequencies, while ensuring a continuous and super uniform 100 degree sound coverage. Perfect for background music or video conferencing.

This 1.2 m architectural projector consists of 360 top-quality LEDs, guaranteed for over 60,000 hours of life, combined with an aluminium-coated MicroSilver® dish and available in various optical configurations. This type of LED lighting is able to provide a full colour spectrum thanks to RGBW multi-chips, including tunable white, with a high CRI. In addition, some of these optics are designed for high visual comfort, achieving optimal UGR levels.

Thanks to Casambi‘s low-power Bluetooth, RAIL can be controlled for all lighting needs without additional wires, while K-array’s cloud-based amplifiers offer simple solutions for audio selection.



GLP addresses the world of integrated systems with the new DoP Converter (DMX over Powerline), a unique system capable of transmitting up to 10 DMX universes via a single powerline cable. DoP can be used wherever DMX data needs to be transmitted, but laying separate DMX lines is either not possible or not economical, or where standard wireless connections are prone to interference.

GLP’s DoP is therefore particularly suitable for integration into existing infrastructure in the whole area of architectural lighting, especially in historic buildings, with existing power rail systems (e.g. museums, galleries, hotels, restaurants and shops) and in the lighting of public spaces. With GLP DoP, DMX signals can be sent via the existing power line or an existing power rail system without having to lay an additional data line or occupy an existing data line twice.

The well-known German brand has also come up with a special fixture that represents the link between the worlds of architecture and entertainment. We are talking about AGILIO, a mini moving head developed in collaboration with Zumtobel, equipped with a high-quality white light LED source and a very high colour rendering. The zoom optics provide a light beam with a range of 15° – 35°.

AGILIO is ideal for multifunctional applications such as trade fairs, gastronomy, shops and retail, also thanks to the special design developed by Zumtobel. The fixture is available with a colour temperature of 4,000, 5,700 and 3,400 Kelvin, and in AGILIO CRMX / iQ.Mesh or AGILIO DoP / iQ.Mesh control versions to also be controlled via the new GLP DoP (DMX over Powerline) technology.


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