ISE 2023: Day four + 1

Last appointment with the news featured at ISE 2023. More articles with final remarks and an interview with Mike Blackman will follow in the coming days.
On Day 4+1 we talk about Yamaha, Uniview LED, Highlite, LG, Vivolink, ClearOne, Fohhn, and Kramer. Happy reading!


Yamaha is exhibiting at ISE 2023 with important new products, highlighting the company’s move toward a single connected solution with a focus on efficiency, scalability, speed and control.

Let’s start with the new flagship DME7 signal processor, with DSP and I/O required for larger installations. Building on the success of the DME series digital mixing engines and MTX/MRX series matrix processors, the DME7 supports 96 kHz and features an expandable Dante matrix capable of growing from 64 x 64 channels on a standard network. Additional blocks of 64 x 64 (up to a maximum of 256 x 256) with additional DSP can be licensed permanently or for specific periods of time, meaning users pay only for the number of channels they need for a particular project.

DME7 is equipped with a wide range of DSP components, which can be freely chosen and connected to meet one’s needs. With its impressive processing power, it can be used for a wide variety of applications, from professional conferences to complex multi-space and multi-use facilities.

A new comprehensive software application is launched at ISE to configure the DME7. ProVisionaire Design. This is a major step forward that brings together the DME7 and many other Yamaha installation products into a single configuration and control ecosystem. ProVisionaire Design radically streamlines the configuration and control process, allowing a wide range of Yamaha products to be configured from the same interface, speeding and simplifying the workflow of system engineers.

On the microphone side, Yamaha offers major upgrades to the RM series for collaboration and conferencing. ADECIA uses Yamaha processors, amplifiers and speakers to ensure that every word of a meeting or presentation is picked up and heard clearly by both present and remote participants. Systems can be created for any situation, from a small collaboration space or simple meeting room, to complete solutions tailored for auditoriums and large multi-room areas.

Also featured at ISE 2023 are the new CS-500 and CS-800 video collaboration systems, which showcase advanced AI camera technology that harmonizes voice and video data.
Yamaha’s all-in-one CS-800 Video Sound Bar uses the latest AI technology to combine voice and video data and deliver the most accurate real-time hybrid collaboration experience, while CS-500 is a remote camera and microphone collaboration device that uses newly developed SoundCap Eye™ technology and features a 4K camera with intelligent framing, USB connection and adaptive echo cancellation and noise reduction.



The LEDWall specialist company  offers at ISE 2023 the GS series – Flat+Curved Installation solution, an LEDwall, from the curvable cabinet and flexible LED module to create sinuous expressive shapes that adapt to various surfaces thanks to the magnet attachment system.

It is a complementary product to the GX series in that it allows a seamless connection between the two series to create ever-changing and ‘moving’ screens, flat and curved walls or screens with the same pitch and operating system.

Another new feature is the interactive systems offered by the company, with Uniview‘s I-series floor display, with its extremely short response time, high stability and wide viewing angle allowing this interactive LED screen to offer an exceptional experience. In terms of safety, the product has an excellent load capacity of over 2000 kg/sqm.



The Dutch company presents an extension of the DAP series at ISE 2023, with new speakers in an original and extremely functional design. The series, consisting of 20W and 40W, low-impedance or 100V models in black or white, allows installation simply using the included wall-mount plate. This feature is very useful for installers as it enables them to complete the job quickly.

In addition, it is a versatile loudspeaker design that uses a ball joint for tilting up to 30° vertically and horizontally and rotating up to 90°. Thus, the DAP logo on the front is rotatable. Due to its quick and easy installation and versatile applicability, this type of loudspeaker is very popular in public spaces such as shops, restaurants and even clubs. In addition, the robust ABS housing serves as protection against the ingress of dust and splash water.

At ISE we had a close look at a recent innovation from Infinity: the new, modern Raccoon P14/4, a high-brightness, high CRI, IP65-rated LED PAR with XY control mode. The 14 RGBM LED sources (red, green, blue and mint) are extremely bright and can be switched between maximum brightness and maximum colour quality modes.

Two new products from the DMT brand: Alpha A3.9i and Premiere Series PS3.9 Blue Line. The former is an indoor HD LED screen with front or rear maintenance, 3.9 mm pixel pitch, white LEDs and features a lightweight, modular design suitable for a wide range of applications, such as rental and fixed installations. This system also allows angled connections between -5 and +10 degrees, making it very easy and quick to create curved displays. In addition, the integrated A5s PLUS receiver card works perfectly with any NovaStar video processor.

In contrast, the DMT Premiere Series PS3.9 Blue Line is an IP54/IP65 certified LED panel with 3.9 mm pixel pitch, black LED and suitable for fixed and mobile indoor and temporary outdoor applications. The combination of the slim 66 mm design and low pixel pitch make the screen ideal for viewing at short distances (from 4 metres). The brightness of 5000 nits enables sharp viewing even on sunny days. Power Pro and ProCat connections ensure secure and robust data and power connectivity, while the integrated A5s PLUS receiver card works seamlessly with any NovaStar video processor.



In a huge stand organised according to the claim ‘Life, Be Bloomed’, like a pathway through different types of applications (retail, office, education and hospitality), LG introduced Micro LED displays, transparent OLEDs and various LED displays at ISE 2023.

Impressive and truly impressive is the 272-inch LG MAGNIT 8K Micro LED display with millions of self-emitting pixels on a micrometer scale with a wide viewing angle for vivid, immersive images and 8K resolution (7,680 x 4,320) offering extremely sharp detail.

Another news concerns solutions for virtual production studios, with a typical set realised in cooperation with partners Mo-Sys and ARRI for the realisation of live-action films against a completely digital background, realised by displaying virtual scenarios on a series of seamlessly connected LED screens.

At the centre of the stand is the Floating CUBE LED, an LED sculpture consisting of four 2K LSCB012 LED displays. It is an example of extremely realistic 3D digital art that moves on the surfaces of the displays.



At ISE 2023 Vivolink presents its fibre-optic, Kevlar-reinforced, extremely durable cables, capable of withstanding a load of 20 kg but still flexible and guaranteeing signal transport of up to 100 metres.

Another novelty concerns the complete line of audio cables, which stand out for their construction quality and performance. These are all shielded and double-sheathed copper cables, very robust, without loss of flexibility and ease of installation. They are products that guarantee, as far as the transmission of audio signals is concerned, perfectly natural sound over long distances. The microphone cables are also coated with Kevlar to increase their resistance. The connectors are gold-plated.

We close with the new Studio 70 speaker ideal for high-end sound systems, meeting rooms, bars, pubs and home theatres. It is a two-way bi-amplified speaker with a 5.25″ fibreglass woofer and 1″ neodymium tweeter. Studio 70 has a frequency response from 55Hz to 20kHz, while the balanced XLR and jack input allow for different types of installation and use, and the crystal-clear and detailed sound quality is absolutely guaranteed.



On the ClearOne stand are examples of meeting room configurations that take advantage of the company’s new product innovations.

At ISE 2023 ClearOne launches the new Chat 150 device, the USB group speakerphone featuring HDConference™ audio with Echo Cancellation® and noise cancellation. With full-duplex performance and automatic level controls, it ensures natural conference calls with quality audio clarity. The device intelligently activates only the microphone closest to the person speaking, avoiding amplification of ambient noise and room reflections. In addition, the daisy-chain design allows the use of two speakerphones to cover medium-sized rooms.

The Versa UCS2100 is a presentation switcher designed for modern hybrid and flexible UC (Unified Communication) meeting spaces. The device automatically detects HDMI and USB-C sources and gives users the flexibility to access the same set of in-room AV peripherals, such as cameras and audio devices. It supports 4K 60Hz 4:4 resolution, HDCP 2.2, HDR10 and Dolby Vision and is equipped with bi-directional HDBT 3.0 to allow positioning of remote peripherals up to 100 metres away, and provides 48V PoE.
The Versa UCS2100 supports automatic source detection and switching, and is controllable via RS232, CEC or front panel pushbuttons.

Also new is the UNITE camera series, with the new 60 4K Camera, 160 4K Camera and 260 Pro Camera models. Specifically, the Pro model has AI-based intelligent face detection that keeps the selected presenter in the frame as they move around the room, as well as an AI-based automatic framing mode that keeps the entire group in view at all times. Camera functions can be controlled via USB, Ethernet, RS-485 and RS-232. A high SNR CMOS sensor combined with 2D and 3D noise reduction algorithms provides an extremely clean image, even in low-light conditions. Finally, AV transmission is via IP using H.264 and H.265 video compression and can be powered via PoE (48 V DC) or 12 V DC power supply.
The UNITE 260 Pro Camera is compatible with popular applications such as Microsoft® Teams, Zoom™, WebEx™, Google® Meet™ and others.



Fohhn celebrates its 30th anniversary in Barcelona and presents a new brand image at ISE. A 30-year history during which the company has produced over 100 loudspeaker models with digital power electronics and software tools developed in-house.

New innovations include new PoE (Power over Ethernet) speakers, Focus Slim systems using Fohhn Beam Steering Technology.

Focus Slim is a speaker line-up with individually adjustable, real-time sound dispersion control thanks to Fohhn’s Beam Steering technology. This technology enables exceptional sound and excellent speech intelligibility in difficult-to-amplify locations. Column systems can therefore be installed without mechanical tilting and allow for perfect visual integration. Focus column systems are therefore ideal for conference rooms, classrooms and places of worship. Various connection options ensure easy integration with Dante, AES/EBU or analogue signals.



Kramer announces major audio visual innovations at ISE 2023 with products, solutions and services that take hybrid creativity, collaboration and engagement to new levels.

First up is the launch of the fourth generation of its VIA wireless collaboration platform to meet the new demands of today’s hybrid world and simplify integration into IT environments. With the VIA 4.0 interface, participating in a meeting and sharing content wirelessly is fast and simple. Participants connect via the VIA secure hotspot and other collaboration devices; at the end of the session, the presenter and the content presented are automatically disconnected, ensuring privacy and data security.

Also new is quicklaunch™ EDU, a simple, secure and customisable teaching software solution designed specifically for the needs of education. The system offers a user-friendly interface for quick access to all teaching tools, lesson plan information, personal user access and can be used with Zoom services.
Present in Barcelona is the new Kramer Series 3 range, designed for advanced audiovisual signal management, which is fully interoperable and includes matrixes, switchers, extenders, distribution amplifiers and multiviewers.

Kramer KDS-100 is the complete and versatile AVoIP streaming solution for 1GE (1Gbps) networks that takes full advantage of the open H.264/265 standard. KDS-100 is ideal for any space or use case that requires low-latency, high-quality video presentation up to 4K60, such as operating rooms, university auditoriums, highly secure command and control centres as well as AVoIP deployments.
Kramer also presents its expanded and enhanced USB-C product portfolio. The premium CONNECT USB-C range now includes passive, active and AOC (hybrid) cables up to 50m long, offering exceptionally long distance transmission of 4K60 video and data at 10 Gbps, 60W charging, Ethernet over USB-C and more.


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