ISE 2023: Day Three

Third day at ISE with an ever-growing audience of enthusiasts and industry insiders crowding the stands and hallways like we haven’t seen in a long time.

Today we will talk about Martin by Harman, Ayrton, Chauvet, Rondson, Vitec, Frenexport, NEXO and Barco . Enjoy the reading!


Martin presents at ISE the new MAC Aura XIP, a wash with a truly innovative aura effect and full pixel control with video mapping capabilities on the beam, the aura or both. It is the first projector in its class to be rated for outdoor use, lightweight and compact.

The MAC Aura XIP offers lighting designers a range of possibilities thanks to the filament’s aura effect, narrower beam and improved wash quality with improved light engine control. Features include a 6,000 lumen RGBW luminous flux from 7 x 60W RGBW LEDs and 12 x 12W RGBW LEDs for the aura effect, 6.3 – 50.4˚ zoom, and 200 integrated macro FX with foreground colour, background colour, speed and direction control.

Another innovation is the Linear Pro LED bar series. These are luminaires for architectural use that are extremely flexible, compact and offer uniform light distribution with a different beam angle depending on the type (Graze and Cove, CTC or Quad). They are ideal for highlighting structured surfaces, walls, façades, ceilings and other surfaces in stadiums and arenas, cruise ships, theme parks, hotels, casinos, bridges, galleries or other permanent indoor or outdoor locations.

The ability to change the beam angle thanks to the practical filter housing system facilitates design changes and on-site adjustments, while the clever design of the mounting plate allows for a variety of positioning solutions. In addition, the slim design of these lamps facilitates their integration into architectural elements with fewer structural requirements. All models are available in linear lengths of 1 or 4 feet.



The well-known French company is exhibiting for the first time in Europe, following its launch at LDI, the Zonda 3 FX moving head, a versatile fixture with well-thought-out and extremely creative effects, able to switch from beam to wash beam with ease.

It is a fast and compact fixture capable of expressing a light output of 5,200 lumens, thanks to seven high-performance 40 W RGB+W LED sources and a proprietary optical system consisting of an exclusive 170 mm PMMA monoblock cluster. The latter system improves beam coherence, along with the seven glass light guides with an output surface featuring an optical microstructure.

A truncated 50 mm transmitting lens, whose optical surface is equivalent to that of a 70 mm round lens, allows the ZONDA 3 to achieve a highly intensive beam with a zoom ratio of 14:1 and a wide zoom range from 4° to 56°. Light output of 5,200 lumens and a perfectly homogeneous mix of pastel and saturated colours, irrespective of the chosen colour combination.



The American company chose Barcelona for the launch of the new Ovation E-2FC profiler a compact fixture that offers high quality light and convenient functions in a silent and robust design, optimised for smaller environments.

The advanced Ovation RGBA-Lime full-spectrum colour mixing system produces a high CRI output that can be scaled with an integrated manual zoom, while focusing is facilitated by a dedicated button.

Features of the OVATION E-2FC include a built-in 25-50 degree zoom, colour temperature from 2800 K to 8000 K with high CRI and CQS, and red and green adjustment (+/- green or red) via DMX or built-in control.



The French installation loudspeaker specialist presents an innovative 8 x 8 Dante DSP matrix and new loudspeakers for outdoor use at ISE.

JS-DSP is an 8-input, 8-output digital audio matrix with DSP and integrated Dante module. Based on the Ti 456 MHz FLOPS DSP, it utilises advanced technology with a new automatic feedback cancellation algorithm and other solutions aimed at solving practical problems. It includes preamplifiers, signal generator, expander, compressor, 5-band parametric equaliser on each input, 31 GEQs, delay, crossover and limiter on each output!
The integrated Dante module offers high bandwidth, low latency, high compatibility: a low-cost solution for networked audio transmission. The matrix is managed by PC control software and an App available for tablets or IOs smartphones.

JS-BSM40B is a new compact 2-way, 40 W, wall-mount loudspeaker for indoor and outdoor use (IP66 certified), equipped with a 10 cm polypropylene membrane mid-woofer and a dome tweeter. Ideal for sports halls, water complexes, railway station pavilions, etc. Can be used at 100 V or low impedance (16 ohm).

The JS-FWT150 is a compact 2-way but coaxial 150 W loudspeaker designed for outdoor use in stadiums, water parks, sports complexes (IP56). It features an aluminium mounting bracket, a woofer with a 20 cm polypropylene membrane and a dome tweeter. Use on 100 V or 8 ohm lines. Also available of the same type are the JS-FWT200 and JS-FWT300, with 200 W and 300 W, respectively.

The JS-EST10 is a high-quality 10 W satellite speaker in black or white with a modern design ideal for public spaces such as bars, restaurants, lounges, beauty salons, etc.
These 100V speakers can be used in combination with SUB80 subwoofers for full-range sound. The satellites are supplied with mounting brackets (white or black), allowing them to be mounted at various angles on solid surfaces such as walls or ceilings.



Vitec is exhibiting at ISE AVEDIA Platform, the software that allows the entire Exterity IP Video system to be managed end-to-end from one central server platform.

Among other features, the software allows all IPTV end-points, including media players and SmartTVs, to be displayed in a new floor plan view. Users can upload an image of their venue’s floor plan and view all devices on site. This is particularly useful for making changes to a venue’s content while on the move.
In addition, the Avedia Workflows app introduces a new customisable and intuitive interface to quickly activate multiple workflows. For example, in a stadium or multi-purpose arena hosting a variety of events, the venue can be set up for these events at the touch of a button.

Also interesting is the dynamic wayfinding solution, which provides turn-by-turn route mapping for a variety of environments that may be complex to navigate, for example a multi-storey corporate or healthcare building with many departments. The newly designed content creation interface allows multiple routes to be created, adding points of interest such as stairs, toilets, car parks, etc. End users interact with the wayfinding solution via touch screens.

Finally, VITEC is previewing the brand new and improved content creation interfaces for the ArtioSign (digital signage) and ArtioView (interactive IPTV portal) applications. The completely revamped interfaces include a host of powerful new features designed to make the creation of signage and portals more intuitive and simple than ever before.



Frenexport is showcasing some major enhancements to the CentoLight brand made in collaboration with renowned specialist Franco Natali, while for audio, the company is introducing a new series of amplification for installation, Helvia.

CentoLight presents the new Thesis series wash zoom with 19 40W RGBW LEDs, zoom from 6° to 60°, flicker-free and pixel effects, and the Spire X28 PRO, a fresnel moving head with a 200W 7800K COB LED source, 2° beam angle, 14-slot colour wheel + open, 17-slot static gobo and prism morphing effect.

As far as Helvia is concerned, we would like to point out the OMNIS-100 All-in-One player, which is capable of playing a wide variety of formats from different sources and has excellent flexibility with regard to external connection.

The device encompasses all technologies for remote connection via wireless network and Bluetooth as well as the physical connections provided by USB, LAN, RCA, optical and coaxial audio ports.



NEXO is exhibiting at ISE with a major expansion of the well-known ePS series, consisting of 6-, 8- and 10-inch models and 12- and 15-inch subwoofers, joined by the new ePS12 and eLS18 subs.

The ePS12 packs all the hallmarks of NEXO, such as high power, superior coverage patterns, directional control and musical performance, into a compact trapezoid-shaped birch enclosure with a steel grille for IP55-certified weather resistance. Thanks to a 12-inch long excursion neodymium LF driver, a 1.7-inch diaphragm HF compression driver and NEXO’s trademark rotatable horn design that offers dispersion options to the user, the peak SPL at 1 metre is an impressive 133 dB, with a -6 dB frequency response of 60 Hz-20 kHz.

The ePS12 can be stacked or driven with the new 1 x 18-inch eLS18 sub, which shares the same aesthetic design and extends the frequency response down to 32Hz. Dedicated accessories allow the ePS cabinets to be flown under the subwoofer, creating space-saving and aesthetically pleasing wideband systems.

All units are finished in black structural paint (white and all other RAL colours are available to order), with a UV-resistant acoustic fabric stretched over the front grille.



BARCO is exhibiting the 27,000 lumen UDM-4k30 3-chip DLP large-area digital projector with 4K UHD resolution at ISE. It is an extremely compact and lightweight laser projector in the 30K lumens category with a robust design made for the harshest conditions and extreme flexibility thanks to the widest lens shift and modular design.
The 4K UHD processing is among the best in class, with a latency just above zero, and due to the Barco Pulse Single Step Processing feature.


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