ISE 2023: Day Two

Second day at ISE with lots of news from the companies Poly, MA Lighting, Zactrack, Unirig, Datavideo, Riedel, Hollyland, Genelec, Madrix, Meyer Sound, RGBlink, RCF, Visual Production and Yes Tech . Happy reading!


Just a few months after HP completed its acquisition of Poly, a complete Microsoft Teams Room solution was unveiled at ISE 2023, bringing together the performance of HP hardware and Poly’s endpoints. Poly Studio Room kits for Microsoft Teams rooms can now be combined with HP’s Teams-certified conference Mini PC to provide a complete solution.

On the stand were examples of use cases such as the open office/hoteling, composed by a HP965 webcam, Poly CCX 505 featuring a 5-inch colour touchscreen, Bluetooth connectivity and Android 9, and Poly Blackwire 3325, a headset with excellent design, audio quality, comfort and reliability.
Other examples involve the HP EliteOne all-in-one desktop PC, the Poly CCX 700 multimedia phone with integrated camera, large 7-inch screen and Wi-Fi connectivity, and the Poly Voyager Focus 2 professional-quality hybrid active noise cancellation (ANC) headset.

Finally, a Microsoft Teams Room system consisting of three screens, three webcams and a touch display was realised, allowing the progress of the meeting to be monitored in real time in a simple and extremely intuitive manner.

During ISE, Poly shared a real guide of manners for remote workers, which we will share with our readers in the coming days.



At the centre of the MA Lighting stand is a unique piece of the grandMA3 with the logo celebrating the German company’s 40th anniversary. The console will travel to all international trade fairs and will bear directly on its body the signatures of lighting designers and operators who have in some way contributed to the growth of the brand.



Also on the MA stand, we had the opportunity to experience first-hand the functionality of the new zactrack mini, which comes in a small case to be easily transported and used by one person. It is very similar to the company’s flagship product but designed for use in smaller locations, exhibition stands, rental companies, and places of worship.

With this new system helping to introduce tracking to new users and smaller spaces, zactrack mini will also be a more cost-effective solution for many users. zactrack mini can be physically configured in minutes and consists of a Master Anchor that forms the core of the infrastructure and acts as both server and antenna, wireless access point and even a DMX node. Five smaller trackers complete the antenna array or cell, offering a tracking or performance area of up to 15 x 15 metres.



The well-known Italian company is present for the first time in Barcelona with its brands Trabes (trusses and staging), Divo (hois and rigging) and TeycoRig (pantographs, hoists and accessories). It is an all-Italian company that focuses on the concepts of quality and reliability of its products, with a careful choice of construction materials, attention to detail and finish, and rigorous quality controls.
TRABES aluminium trusses and DIVO electric hoists are made exclusively in Italy.

Highlighted at the entrance to the stand is the Divo series of electric hoists, solid and well-made, a symbol of safety, precision and quality, with load capacities from 150 kg to 2000 kg.



Datavideo is exhibiting at ISE 2023 two new bundles, BDL-1608 and BDL-1609, and a new product, iCAST MINI.

BDL-1608, called NDI Hybrid Classroom, is designed for use in corporate (typically for conferences) or educational settings. If you are giving a presentation or a lecture, you obviously want the results to be as captivating and engaging as possible. The use of two PTZs (PTC-140NDI) and a hybrid video switcher (iCast 10 NDI) offers greater versatility when two different camera angles are required. In addition, the use of NDI technology in this solution simplifies the workflow.
At the heart of the entire system is the iCast 10NDI, with all the I/O needed for production, streaming, recording and conferencing with Zoom, MS Teams and other platforms.

BDL-1609, called NDI Hybrid Classroom with Tracking, is similar to BDL-1608 but uses PTC-285T PTZ cameras with auto-tracking instead of PTC-140NDI. If you are filming several people, you can designate one for AI tracking. Once connected to the camera, the camera will only follow the designated person, avoiding interference from other people entering and leaving the frame. This bundle, like the BDL-1608, also includes an intuitive touch screen interface (TPC-700) with presets for screen layout, camera angles and buttons for triggering streaming and event recording.

The iCAST MINI is a multimedia device for one-to-one, one-to-many and hybrid (online/offline) video productions. From small-scale corporate training sessions to medium-sized classrooms or hybrid conference rooms, the iCAST MINI is the perfect solution for online presentation needs. With one-button-one-function on an easy-to-use touch control panel, even inexperienced users will be able to use this device easily: there is no need to learn complicated video production technology or hire a professional production team to use it.



The German company, specialising in high-quality, high-performance intercom systems, is showing Simplylive at ISE, a multi-camera live production system for video management, replay and more in a simple setup that favours immediate deployment.

With Simplylive, Riedel expands its hardware portfolio for video transport and processing with COTS and cloud-based solutions, while gaining valuable expertise and resources to offer new services and deployment models to its customers.

Another new development concerns PUNQTUM, a company acquired by Riedel and focused on the development of ‘Bolero-based’ but fully wired systems for an affordable solution without sacrificing the management quality of Riedel systems.



Hollyland is presenting the new Solidcom C1 Pro on its stand at ISE 2023. It is a more advanced version of the well-known Solidcom C1, the headset-based full-duplex wireless intercom for real-time hands-free communication with your work team.

In fact, the C1 Pro is equipped with ENC (Environmental Noise Cancellation) dual-microphone capsule technology that delivers clear sound in noisy environments, making it ideal for production teams working in film and television, in places of worship and with drones.



Genelec presents a major expansion of its Smart IP-based loudspeaker system family at ISE with the introduction of the 4435A flush-mount and 4436A pendant models.

The Smart IP speaker range offers flexible power, audio and management functions via a standard CAT cable. Producing exceptional studio-quality audio with clarity, intelligibility and uniform coverage, all models can be freely combined in a network and are compatible with Dante and AES67 streams, receiving power via PoE or PoE+ Power-over-Ethernet formats.

They also feature an RJ45 connector on the rear panel that allows access to Genelec’s Smart IP Manager, a sophisticated downloadable software tool that allows installers to configure an almost unlimited number of rooms, zones, speakers and audio channels, and includes device detection, a versatile set of tools for room equalisation, system organisation and status monitoring.



At ISE 2023, the German manufacturer known for its dynamic LED lighting control systems presents in Barcelona the new MADRIX 5.5 software update that includes many new tools and workflows for designing outstanding LED lighting.

Another update concerns the release 1.2a of MADRIX RADAR software aimed at monitoring the status and reliability of lighting systems with the help of RDM on Art-Net nodes (ArtRdm). This software release includes a variety of small and large improvements, such as the addition of new languages (including Italian), the possibility to use snapshots to save the current settings of all modifiable parameters of RDM devices in a single file, the update of the licensing system, the use of visual indicators for system criticalities, etc.

Finally, MADRIX AURA, the powerful yet compact recording and playback unit, and the range of DIN-rail hardware devices – NEBULA, ORION and STELLA – offer uncompromising performance and reliability for any solid-state project.



Meyer Sound is showing the new 2100-LFC sub in Barcelona, an extremely powerful loudspeaker and ideal complement to the PANTHER large-format line array.

Combining a powerful Class D amplifier with a single, all-new 21-inch driver with four voice coils, the 2100-LFC produces linear acoustic output suitable for the most demanding applications. With an extended frequency response from 30 to 125 Hz, this class-leading performance is achieved in a loudspeaker that is 30 cm narrower and 20 % lighter than the 1100-LFC.

The driver, specially developed for this sub, consists of a 21-inch cone and a new high-power class-D amplifier. For the loudspeaker, the Meyer Sound engineering team built on the experience gained with the 18-inch dual-coil loudspeaker of the 900-LFC model, but switched to four coils. The new loudspeaker benefits from a brand new Class D amplifier with a maximum continuous power of 1200 watts and a peak power of 8000 watts.

The frequency and phase response of the 2100-LFC is designed to be complementary not only to PANTHER, but to Meyer Sound’s entire line array product range. This makes the 2100-LFC ideal for those who already own 900-LFC or 750-LFC products and wish to expand their inventory.



RGBlink, a company known for producing quality, affordable video products for professional AV applications, presents its video product line at ISE with an innovative world premier.

Let’s start with a very new product, presented for the first time in public. This is Mini-MX, a compact video mixer capable of handling up to 4 outputs in addition to multiview and programme, high resolution. The extremely intuitive and well-organised central touch display enables a rapid workflow, which is useful for handling the most complex situations. In addition, the use of colours at the encoders, faders and buttons further facilitates the usability of the device.

Also on show, Mini-pro is the truly compact 2-channel video mixer/switcher designed for streaming generation. With 4 independent inputs up to 4K60 it is ready to take advantage of native high-resolution sources. It includes full pixel-to-pixel scaling capabilities for both PIP layer and background video.

Finally, TAO 1 mini is a special 4K streaming node that supports HDMI and Full HDI NDI Gigabit Ethernet video codecs for encoding and decoding. It features a modern and compact form factor that is simple and elegant.



At ISE, RCF gave ample space to power amplifiers, new passive loudspeakers (especially the Compact A and Compact C series), the versatile ART 9-AX active loudspeaker series, and Business Music and Installed Sound solutions.

The new XPS 16KD amplifier offers extreme power and control, with four 4000W continuous power outputs, routing options with four analogue and AES/EBU digital inputs/outputs, Dante audio networking, and a range of signal processing tools. With RCF RDNet integration, you can choose active powered loudspeakers or externally powered modules for a system or hybrid system.

The IPS Series consists of high-performance, adaptable 2U power amplifiers for installation applications, which utilise a sophisticated Class H topology for two single-channel outputs, two parallel outputs or single-channel bridged operation in three power options: 2 x 2,600W (IPS 5.0K), 2 x 1,250W (IPS 2.5K) and 2 x 750W (IPS 1.5K) at 4 ohms. High-quality, low-distortion audio output, industry-standard speakON connectors and binding post terminals make the IPS series the ideal solution for permanent installation applications.

The QPS series is a range of professional four-channel amplifiers that combine high-quality performance and reliability with the latest power amplifier technology. The series includes two models with 10,000 watts (4 x 2,500 @ 2 ohms) and 6,000 watts (4 x 1,500 @ 2 ohms) of continuous power. The amplifiers feature independent gain control for each channel, signal/clip and fault indicators, stereo XLR input and output connections, stereo, parallel/bridge operation and speakON output connectors.

Sharing the same cabinet as the innovative ART 9 Series, the COMPACT A Series consists of lightweight, high-performance, multi-purpose two-way full-range loudspeakers for fixed installations. The Series comprises two-way point source loudspeakers for close- and mid-range applications, combining a compact wooden cabinet with high output for accurate speech and music reproduction. Constructed from a solid birch plywood cabinet with neodymium transducers and a 100° x 50° rotatable constant directivity horn, the speakers can be installed either horizontally or vertically, with optional wall or ceiling mounting accessories.

We close this roundup with the DMA series, equipped with a powerful DSP platform that allows the integration of various RCF proprietary technologies such as FiRPHASE and BASS ENHANCER, designed to optimise loudspeaker performance.


Visual Productions

Many new products from Visual Productions at ISE 2023, both hardware and software. In particular, we point out two innovations concerning RDM management and cloud-based operation.

RdmRelay joins Visual Productions’ other DIN-rail products for installations, such as DaliCore, RdmSplitter and DmxMerger. It features 4 AC power relays capable of switching 16 A each that can be wired NO (Normally Open) or NC (Normally Closed). Sensing, DMX addressing and label editing are performed using the RDM protocol.

Purple Cloud is the cloud-based software that connects all CueCore3 devices in a single dashboard in a totally secure way as it is encrypted. During the previous edition of ISE, a free version (Purple Cloud Monitoring) was introduced to monitor the settings and playback statuses of all devices.
This is now joined by Purple Cloud Control, which allows remote programming and full remote control of compatible lighting controllers. Purple Cloud Control then introduces the full Web interface with which you can start patching devices, programming cues and playback, and generally setting up control of the show.


Yes Tech 

Yes Tech chose ISE for the launch of the P3.9 MG7S Cube. This is a 500 x 500 mm display for rental use, both indoors and outdoors, with variable brightness from 1000 to 4500 nits. The unique structural design of the cabinet, which is totally modular, allows for cubic – hence the name Cube – or 90° to 180° angled LED walls.

Each panel consists of 1516 full black LEDs with customised and matched copper wire architecture that perfectly meet the requirements of mixed-use products. The MG7S P3.9 Cube’s pixel density makes it optimal for both indoor and outdoor use; in this regard, this LED display has passed rigorous protection processes and is IP65 certified, completely preventing access to dust and water. The use of a grey IC with a high refresh rate, combined with the performance of the control system and HDR technology, allows for highly expressive colours and, thanks to the special scanning mode, when the LED wall is in front of a video camera, the captured image is smoother. Quick and easy maintenance.

Another novelty is the Mnano II Series, characterised by tiles equipped with COB LEDs with a special protection that guarantees the maintenance of colour and brightness levels over time, as well as ensuring the same levels even in the case of stocks made after a long time, and by a completely redesigned electrical design to minimise the number of connections while maintaining an excellent level of video quality. The series is available in pitches 0.9 – 1.25 and 1.5.


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