RCF QPS Series now available for pre order

The RCF QPS Series products are high-performance, flexible power amplifiers for both touring and install applications, using advanced Class-HD topology with four channel outputs for up to 4 x 2,500 W (QPS 10K) and 4 x 1,500 W (QPS 6K) at 2 ohms.

QPS power amplifiers feature independent gain control for each channel, signal/clip and faults indicators, channels A and C XLR output link and parallel/bridge output modes. Three dip-switches set each channel’s maximum output voltage peak among eight values. High-efficiency heat sinks and variable-speed fans can withstand extreme heat conditions, ensuring steady power output stability over time.

The RCF HD amplifier technology features a highly efficient power output section with a design focused on musicality, maintaining a natural and clear sound at all frequencies, with smooth highs and a tight, high impact low end.

With a high signal-to-noise ratio, QPS amplifiers also boast a very low total harmonic distortion, making it perfect for highly demanding music applications while delivering perfect vocal intelligibility.

QPS amplifiers implement several safety strategies protecting both the amplifier and the sound system, including an effective peak limiting protection for the transducers.

All amplifier modules are subjected to rigorous quality testing during the production process. Each device is quality controlled with automated equipment and human supervision.

High quality, low distortion audio output, RCF reliability, and industry-standard speakON output connectors make QPS Series electronics the hassle-free solution for both touring sound systems and permanent installation applications.

Info: www.rcf.it

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