Ayrton shows at LDI 2022 world premier Zonda 3 FX and new Fresnel based Huracán Wash

The popular French brand Ayrton showed in Las Vegas many new products that were presented throughout the year with a world premier: Zonda 3 FX, a compact, flexible, multisource fixture that inherits many of the features of its big brother Zonda 9 Fx. It consists of 7 RGB-W 40W LEDs, wide-range zoom and single-pixel management, and offers also liquid LED effects and very fast infinite continuous rotation on the pan & tilt axes. The Zonda 3 FX will be launched in the next couple of weeks and is going to be shipped in December. There is also a wash version of the fixture, without liquid effects.

Huracán Wash, launched a few weeks ago at PLASA in London, is a new 1000 watts Fresnel based wash fixture, that comes with three different light engines. On show at the Ayrton booth was the ST engine version, that is perfect for theatre, with a CRI greater than 80 and a total luminaire output up to 45,300 lumens, resulting in an incredible colour reproduction.
For shows that need cooler metallic white light, the S version offers a record luminous flux of 52,000 lumens, a colour temperature of 7,000 Kelvin and a CRI of 70.
For applications requiring perfect colour rendering, the TC version offers a CRI greater than 95 with extremely high TM30 values and a colour temperature of 6000 K.

HURACÁN WASH is factory-equipped with full features, including a framing section that allows accurate positioning of four barndoors on a 100% surface area in all positions, so that the user can frame any object regardless of the luminaire’s position. HURACÁN WASH also offers a wheel of seven rotating gobos, a 15-blade iris diaphragm and a beam ovaliser filter.

Info: www.ayrton.eu

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