The design of the new RCF COMPACT C speakers, ensures high sound pressure levels without loss of quality. The combination of the specially designed transducers, crossover and constant directivity waveguide enables consistent coverage of the listening area with distortion-free sound.

RCF’s sleek aesthetics, reliability, and unmistakable sound provide an enjoyable audio experience in any application, from sports arenas to nightclubs, corporate spaces, and performance halls. The speakers are available in two sizes: C32 with 12″ woofer and C45 with 15″ woofer.

They can be used in vertical or horizontal configuration and offer optimal acoustic performance for both background and foreground music.

The special waveguide design enables accurate control of COMPACT C speakers and provides directional characteristics. In difficult acoustic environments, intelligibility is significantly increased. Using the optional HN-KIT COMPACT C 32 C 45 accessory, installers can replace the speaker horn with two different horns and change the directivity to 100° x 25° or 60° x 25°.

RCF’s transducers, used in this series, are built with advanced materials such as neodymium magnets and pure titanium diaphragms. Both drivers and woofers are designed in Italy to ensure maximum reliability. The crossover frequency has been set at a lower frequency than usually used to ensure clear and precise vocal reproduction.

Info: rcf.it

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