LDI 2022 Las Vegas – Part 1

Yesterday saw the official opening of the 2022 edition of LDI Las Vegas, the international trade fair dedicated to the world of entertainment lighting. LightSoundJournal.com is present with our COO Aldo Chiappini and Marketing Manager Erika Ecuba, in search of interesting news and the many world premieres announced this year.

Here’s what we found for you on the first day. Enjoy your reading!


A number of world premieres for the US company, which is exhibiting the new High End Halcyon  series and an addition to its ColorSource family with the new ColorSource V at LDI.
Halcyon is a family of projectors with  low weight and increased output at an affordable price. The series consists of the Gold, Titanium and Platinum models. The Halcyon Gold delivers 31,000 lumens and is ideal for small to medium applications. Titanium is ideal for mid-range applications with its 40,000 lumens, while Platinum offers a light output of 54,000 lumens, with 70,000 lumens in boost mode.

The series features two LED engines for maximum versatility, a colour mixing system using new-generation narrower gradient dichroic filters and a linear mixing curve resulting from ETC’s renowned colour studies with uniform and homogeneous hues. It also features ETC’s Trifusion system that offers a wide range of diffusers with a single control channel, maintaining maximum output and uniform distribution across the field.

The popular ColorSource line has been expanded with ColorSource V, in Spot V, Fresnel V and Spot VXT versions. The V series utilises a five-colour RGBIL source, enabling the production of both softer pastel colours and stronger, bolder colours. All ColorSource V fixtures include DMX/RDM wireless Multiverse, NFC for remote fixture configuration when used with ETC‘s free Set Light app, and increased brightness compared to the previous ColorSource line.

info: www.etcconnect.com


Elation is showcasing a number of new additions to its IP65 Proteus line at Las Vegas, which includes the new Proteus Brutus LED wash effects moving head, capable of delivering up to 75,000 lumens, the powerful Proteus Excalibur sky beam, the Proteus Rayzor Blade LED wash and FX effects bar, and the big brother of the popular Proteus Rayzor 760 LED wash effects fixture, the Proteus Rayzor 1960.

The Proteus Brutus is an IP65-rated 75,000-lumen LED wash light designed to create a solid and powerful wash beam. The high-efficiency 1200W 6,500K white LED source operates with CMY colour mixing, variable CTO and 6-position colour wheel, while the complete effects system includes rotating gobos, animation wheel, iris and frost. A zoom range of 4° to 45° completes the features.

The Proteus Excalibur is an extraordinarily powerful IP65 moving head with its 20,000, super narrow beam of 0.8° (or with a 3.5° expansion lens) and wide front aperture. Inside is a wide range of gobos, overlapping prisms (4- and 8-sided) and more. The Excalibur uses high-efficiency Philips Flex technology for long lamp life, low power consumption and reduced luminaire maintenance.

Proteus Rayzor Blade is a combination of linear wash, high intensity strobe light and SparkLED™ FX within a compact IP65 linear luminaire. Available with 6 or 12 independently controlled 60W RGBW LEDs, the Proteus Rayzor Blade delivers well-defined mid-air beams, up to 12,500 lumens of power and wide, uniform wash coverage.

The Proteus Rayzor 1960™ is a compact yet extremely powerful LED fixture for wash effects, zooming from 5.6˚ to 44˚, and capable of projecting intense, well-defined mid-air beams as well as exceptionally wide and uniform wash coverage. Powered by 19 independently controlled 60W RGBW LEDs, the Proteus Rayzor 1960 delivers a powerful beam (over 17,000 lumens), while oversized front lenses create a large surface area enhanced by Elation’s SparkLED™ technology for a unique visual effect.

Also featured were Elation’s new Fuze Series fixtures, featuring professional-level performance, such as the Fuze MAX Spot/Profile LED moving heads and the Fuze Wash 500 LED Fresnel moving head.

On the broadcast side, Elation is showcasing the KL Series with the KL Profile FC and KL Panel XL/KL Panel XL IP, a larger, brighter, higher-performance version of Elation’s popular KL Panel LED soft light.

Info: www.elationlighting.com


The well-known French brand is showing in Las Vegas many new products presented throughout the year and a world premier with Zonda 3 FX, a compact, flexible, exploitable multisource that inherits many of the features of its big brother Zonda 9 Fx. and consists of 7 RGB-W 40W LEDs, wide-range zoom and single-pixel management.

Huracán Wash, recently launched at PLASA in London, is equipped with a Fresnel lens with an optical structure specially developed for combined use together with the framing system, also favoring the use of gobos. The Fresnel lens also significantly improves the color mix and allows 10% more light than using a conventional F.O.S.™ Fresnel lens. Huracán Wash’s proprietary optical system offers a zoom range of 6.2° to 75°. This new fixture adopts Huracán Profile’s complex color mixing system, which offers a dual CMY saturation level capable of 281 trillion colors and a triple variable color temperature corrector that allows subtle adjustment from 2700 K to 15000 K and significant improvement in CRI. T.C.S.™.

Last but not least is the innovative Cobra, a hybrid with laser source and IP65 protection rating. The fixture offers a D65 white point that enables perfect color reproduction, excellent beam definition, and an extreme focusing range that allows the beam shape to be adjusted according to the operating distance. Equipped with a 170 mm front lens, the proprietary optical system uses 13 lenses, producing a 38x zoom ratio with range from 0.6° to 23°.

Info: www.ayrton.eu



Cameo Light, an AdamHall Group’s brand, is exhibiting at LDI a series of extremely flexible new products that are ideal for a wide range of applications.

Let’s start with the OTOS® H5, a hybrid moving head that impresses with its combination of high light output (19,000 lm), IP65 certification, and 3-in-1 hybrid flexibility, weighing only 33 kg. With a particularly wide zoom range of 2° to 42°, continuous CMY colour mixing and flexible control options based on the integrated W-DMX™ transceiver, lighting designers can unleash their creativity in almost any application, from large outdoor festivals and concert arenas to specific use in TV and film.

With the P2 series, Cameo presents its first profile projectors for theatre, broadcast and event applications. The series includes Tungsten (3,200 K), Daylight (5,900 K) and Full-Colour (RGBAL) versions, all with extremely high CRI (96) and TLCI for true-to-life colour rendering. With a light output of up to 15,000 lm, the P2 models perfectly replace conventional 1 kW profile projectors. In addition to selectable pulse width modulation (up to 25 kHz) for flicker-free operation. Finally, optional interchangeable lenses allow the beam angle to be changed from 15° to 50°.

AZOR® S2 is a compact spot moving head with a luminous flux of 11,000 lm and 5°-50° zoom for versatile use on small and medium-sized stages. In addition to CMY colour mixing, the AZOR® S2 features an additional colour wheel with eight dichroic filters. As for effects, a rotating and a static gobo wheel (each with eight gobos + open) are available, as well as a rotating and indexable circular prism and a linear prism.

The IP65-certified S4 Soft Panel is ideal for outdoor use in TV/film, events, livestreams and more. Thanks to its excellent colour rendering, the S4 IP is able to illuminate people and objects with natural, diffuse light. The source consists of 544 single-colour SMD LEDs (RGBWW) arranged in a cluster of 4. In combination with the integrated calibration chip, the S4 IP has an extremely natural colour rendition (CRI 95, TLCI 91) and an outstanding coverage of 85 % of the Rec. 2020 extended colour space. In addition, the colour temperature is adjustable with a wide range of 1,800-10,000 Kelvin.

Info: www.cameolight.com


Equipson is presenting many new products at Las Vegas, including LightShark RAY, the new visualisation software for the LightShark console. It is a useful tool that allows LightShark users to experiment with different scenarios using pre-configured files and fixtures. It is visualisation software that uses state-of-the-art simulation technology to help LightShark users enhance their experience with the product range. Initially developed as a training tool, LightShark RAY covers various scenarios and allows users to experiment with different lighting configurations.

LightShark RAY will first start to offer fixed scenarios, but a new scenario editor will be available by summer 2023. Already available software features  include the management of up to 16 universes with ArtNET or sACN and an integrated fixture library. There is also a library of objects with trellis, stages, etc., and GDTF compatibility will be developed shortly.

Currently available for PC, and soon for MacOS, LightShark RAY can also receive video signals thanks to the integrated NDI protocol. Users can record their simulations with the screen recorder function and can customise some configurable parameters such as smoke density, wind speed and smoke movement. In addition, there is an ArtNET/sACN monitor and DMX-controlled camera positions with four configurable presets.

Info: www.equipson.es


The German company is presenting in Las Vegas the innovative Orbiter projector, a versatile LED luminaire with many dimming possibilities. The Orbiter’s state-of-the-art technology and multifunctional design allow a wide range of uses.
The interchangeable optics are the Orbiter’s main innovation. The various optics available allow you to transform the fixture into the ideal light for your application without compromising on output or colour quality. Orbiter’s Quick Lighting Mount (QLM) allows optics with very different properties to be connected to the fixture.

The Orbiter’s 25° and 35° optics offer unparalleled precision adjustment in every detail, allowing a sharp projection of a point of light as well as perfect projection of gobos and silhouettes. The light field is completely uniform and free of chromatic aberrations. The Fresnel lens creates a precise and soft beam. It offers true Fresnel rendering with a true Gaussian light field. The wide zoom range from 15° to 65° is fully motorised and allows local or remote control. The open optic produces a high output beam with different available angles: 15º, 30º and 60º.

The proprietary source consists of red, green, blue, amber, cyan and lime LEDs. The innovative ARRI Spectra six-colour lighting engine results in a wider colour gamut, more accurate colours and, most importantly, higher colour rendering across the entire CCT range.

Info: www.arri.com


Vari-Lite is exhibiting the NEO X15 lighting console at LDI, designed for venues hosting different types of events, such as houses of worship, studios, concert halls and multi-purpose venues, stadiums and arenas, performing arts centres and more. With more than 150 years of experience in entertainment lighting control and the mature Neo platform, the X15 console offers a feature-rich and customisable platform perfect for lighting theatres and live events.
The Neo software allows you to find the perfect look in no time, thanks to an advanced effects engine that supports pixel mpping, media playback, timelines and more. When using the X15 in conjunction with audio and video systems, built-in audio I/O connectivity, SMTPE timecode and MIDI control make it easy to integrate lighting cues with sound effects, video and more.

Features include 15 multifunctional motorised playbacks and backlit encoders and over 50,000 channels available. The intuitive hardware layout includes two integrated monitors and a soft touch control screen. Both the X5 and X15 offer a sleek and streamlined experience, with a powerful processor and premium components, including backlit buttons, Bourne faders, and Neutrik connectors. The all-in-one hardware is rugged and durable and can be transported wherever it is needed.

Info: www.vari-lite.com

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