Wireless Solution launches W-DMX MicroBox G6

Following the great success of W-DMX BlackBox G6, Wireless Solution has now completed the development of the next product in the G6 range – W-DMX MicroBox G6. With the added features this product aims to make it easier to get going with Wireless DMX in all types of events.

Wireless Solution is since 2020 fully owned by LumenRadio and will continue to deliver rock solid Wireless DMX products that are cost efficient and easy to use.

What’s new
The new W-DMX MicroBox G6 comes in the same recognized form factor as its predecessor and with the following new features:
– Bluetooth connectivity for configuration, using the W-DMX Configurator app
– Optional CRMX support for increased compatibility

The product is available immediately and first orders are scheduled to ship the same week.

Info: wirelessdmx.com

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