Riedel Communications MediorNet Micron UHD provides decentralized signal routing at German broadcaster MDR’s Leipzig Studio

Riedel Communications announced that German public broadcaster Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk (MDR) has deployed the company’s MediorNet MicroN UHD media distribution and processing solution. Replacing a fixed routing system, 26 Riedel MicroN UHD modules are delivering decentralized signal routing at the broadcaster’s main television studio in Leipzig, with Broadcast Solutions’ hi human interface® providing configuration and control. With its modular and app-based structure, MediorNet MicroN UHD allows MDR teams to easily configure the system to meet their exact requirements, whether it’s routing video signals or providing multiviewer capabilities.

The latest generation of Riedel’s MediorNet MicroN family of modular, high-density signal interfaces, MicroN UHD brings more bandwidth, more I/O, higher resolutions, and more processing power to the MediorNet platform. In MDR’s Leipzig studio, 20 MicroN UHD modules are being used in a standard configuration for signal routing, while six others have been configured as multiviewers using the MicroN UHD MultiViewer App. Broadcast Solutions’ hi human interface integrates directly with Riedel’s MicroN UHD modules to simplify configuration and reduce installation complexity.

“With the ever-increasing demands for higher-resolution video and increased connectivity, many broadcasters are coming to realize the need for decentralized routing in their operations,” said Marco Kraft, Head of Sales Germany, Riedel Communications. “From our point of view, the deployment at MDR provides a perfect example of how our MicroN UHD can make the transition painless. Not only has it reduced system complexity and possible points of failure at MDR’s Leipzig studio, but it’s also increased operational efficiency and provided a solid foundation for future growth.”

Info: www.riedel.net

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