Outline update: major revision of preset library (now with Manufacturer EQ)

Thanks to a massive process of revision, optimisation and overall re-adjustment, the preset library for Outline loudspeaker systems powered by amplifiers of both the GTA and TTM platforms has recently been upgraded and enriched by numerous “Manufacturer EQ” functions, bespoke to both point-source and line-array products of every range and series.

There’s an immediate substantial improvement within easy reach of all users, which makes for easier optimisation of complex systems, maximised response consistency (and one instrumentally assessed, way beyond the “I’d say” and “well, there, instead”), augmented by a tangible increase of components’ reliability when driven “in the field” at real-life SPLs and mains voltages.

“In terms of pure performance, it’s almost like upgrading a sports car with the next more powerful engine, without having to undo a single bolt, and without even having to stop at the garage: who on earth would ever want to miss this, if the intervention is carried out in DIY mode, without even having to shell out a penny?” – explains Paolo Calza, Outline’s Pro Application Engineer and Array Trainer.

“A great help for a quicker, easier optimisation process, safeguarded against potential pitfalls”, adds Calza, “that comes complete with Manufacturer EQ, which implements ad-hoc filters for each of Outline’s speaker systems: there are functions to compensate low-end coupling in arrays of multiple product-specific sources, as well as that in mid- and treble range to mitigate air absorption with different throws… or, at the other end of Outline’s product range, you can even out the response of the tiniest Architectural Series speakers when deployed mono, stereo, free-standing or wall-mounted… it’s like having the competence of an expert tech’s hands and ears, when she or he has gone on holiday!”

For further details of the library’s bells and whistles, there’s a specific guide available for downloading from the relative web page of GTA Quattro, GTA Otto, and TTM 8K4 amplifiers, and a quick video tutorial advertised on the same page – from which you can head to the manufacturer’s site and download the ArmoníaPlus control suite that puts this stack of goodies at your disposal.

A tankful of excellence at no cost whatsoever? Fill it up, please – with Outline’s magic!

Direct links available here:

GTA Series preset guide

TTM Series preset guide

Video tutorial: Manufacturer EQ

Info: outline.it

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