City Sounds Luxembourg – Luxembourg celebrates its National Day together with 26,000 fans and RCF sound systems

For the second time on the occasion of Luxembourg’s National Day, the free two-day event “City Sounds Luxembourg” took place at the city’s Glacis Field. 26,000 visitors could enjoy the bands and stars of the moment supported by the best audio technology from RCF with several line array modules of the TTL+ series used for the two-day event and provided by EVT Media from Mendig (Germany). The latter is new to the RCF user family. EVT Media were commissioned by MOGEBA around Steve Fries from Luxembourg, who received the order directly from the City of Luxembourg. Daniel Ebke and his company EVT Media were in charge of the complete technical implementation of the event, including stage building, lighting and audio technology. Project manager Niklas Butzen at EVT Media helmed the complete technical management and organisation. On the RCF side, Application Engineer Phil Scholz was in charge of the system, and Thomas Mundorf, Product Manager at RCF, was responsible for the sound design. Further on, Eventservice Germany Jens Fichte GmbH, was also involved, providing additional RCF equipment from their rental pool.

Daniel Ebke, owner of EVT Media, comments the event and the RCF system: “EVT Media has been an RCF distributor since last year. After the Corona break, we completely repositioned the company and have only used RCF products in our equipment pool since then. Again our decision was proven right at City Sounds Luxembourg. The system’s price-performance ratio is compelling. But much more important for us is the excellent sound, the easy rigging and the control with RCF’s own RDNet tool. Even at such big events, the RCF systems show what they’re made of and leave nothing to be desired.”

The technology partners used the TTL 55-A line array systems for the large stage as the main array. As main hang, 16 units each of the active 3-way line array module TTL 55-A were installed to the right and left of the stage. In front of the stage, 24x 9007-AS subwoofers were placed in packs of two and in cardioid mode. On top of all subwoofers, a total of 24 TTL 33-A (also active 3-way line array modules) were placed as nearfills. The TTL 55-A is a compact, wide dispersion, active three-way line array for demanding large events. Its high output power (3500 watts continuous power (RMS)), extremely precise reproduction characteristics and robust, compact housing make the TTL 55-A the ideal solution for EVT for outdoor sound reinforcement for such a large event.

The audio engineers planned and controlled the system using RCF’s proprietary RDNet software tool, which has access to all the essential parameters of the TTL modules and can easily control even complex systems as a whole. RDNet is based on RCF’s proprietary network protocol that allows intuitive control and monitoring of each individual device or object in the RCF audio system. Using digital signal processing for each device, presets or parameter adjustments can be sent to individual units or groups. Network users can change levels, delay, EQ (including phase linear FiR) and further settings.


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