Claypaky TAMBORA FLASH: A unique three in one trailblazer of a fixture to create instant impact

Following on from its successful range of LED bars introduced last year, Claypaky has now expanded the Tambora family further and introduces TAMBORA FLASH.

It is the only hybrid fixture on the market that can act simultaneously as a strobe, wash and blinder, specifically designed with a modular approach for use in a linear array, to offer new creative opportunities to lighting designers.

The strobe section is based on two strips of very powerful white LEDs and a large beam angle aperture, capable of bringing a real impact of light into the show.

The blinder and the wash functions are obtained thanks to 4 large central RGBWW LED reflectors of 100W each, individually controllable in each function through the Advanced Layers Management. The presence of Warm White LEDs allows the typical “warm” effect typical of blinders. However, the blinder effect can also be obtained by using colored LEDs, for a more dramatic effect than usual.

Both strobe and blinder effects are so visually striking that they can be perfectly appreciated even in concerts and live events in broad daylight, even in bright sunlight!

Tambora Flash was conceived and developed with the idea of ​​making several product units combinable horizontally and vertically, in order to obtain clusters that are conceptually like the line arrays of audio systems. Its core unit is suitable for smaller venues and this is contained in a modular design that can be quickly connected together to create larger units for use in big venues and stadiums.

Claypaky Tambora Flashes offers two quick coupling modes and the adjustment of each single fixture within the cluster on a 30° angle, in order to adapt to every application.The advanced mechanics and the ease of combining matrix products make Tambora Flash a truly versatile and fun to use system.

Tambora Flash offers an IP66 degree of protection, which guarantees its ideal use in outdoor applications.

Main features:

– Static Hybrid strobe/blinder
– Light source: 4 RBGWW LED with reflector + Two lines of white LED strobe
– Advanced Layers Management (Background Color – Internal Shape – Pixel Mapping + Strobe)
– Pixel mapping and strobe splitted into 8 different areas per line
– Electronic linear dimmer, 24 bit and 5 curves
– IP66 rating
– CloudIO Ready: fully compatible with CloudIO



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