SGM i-6: power, quality and precision in one fixture

Need to deliver exceptional punch with precision? The SGM i-6 is the right choice for you. This narrow-beam wash can deliver a remarkable amount of light and powerful colors exactly where needed, reaching the furthest parts of your installation. With its cutting-edge optical design, the i-6 establishes a new benchmark in architectural lighting, going beyond the performance of a typical washlight, and complementing any lighting package.

Superior output

  • 6,300 lux at 15 m / 49.2 ft distance
  • 2,268 lux at 25 m / 82 ft distance
  • 1,575 lux at 30 m / 98.5 ft distance

Exceptional precision

  • 2.3º and 3.2º x 3.4º options
  • 1.9º difference between beam and field angle
  • No light spill

Extraordinary colors

  • 9 single-color white LEDs
  • 6 color mixing modes, 13 dimming curves
  • Incorporated TruColor™ and VersaPath™ technologies

NextGen reliability

  • IP66-rated, IP67 sealed base
  • Incorporated DryTech™ and ThermalDrive™ technologies
  • 5-year warranty, CX marine corrosion protection, RDM sensor monitoring


Meet the iPQ system – a lighting package for flexible design. With the added narrow-beam precision of the i-6, the iPQ system is now the most efficient premium solution in outdoor architectural lighting.

The luminaires from the i, P and Q series are powerful tools to support your lighting design on every level. With this combination of narrow-medium-wide-angle LED engines, you achieve the best possible output, efficiency and consistency at almost any distance.


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