ISE 2022 Report

ISE, May and Barcelona seem to be the perfect combination for the world of integrated systems finally coming together again in presence in a completely new, well-organized situation that worked really well. It was yet another success for the staffs of ISE, CEDIA and AVIXA, who knew how to bet in the right way for a proper return in presence, with a fair that was easy to visit, with no shortage of big international players, and last but not least with a crowd of visitors that filled the large hall of the south entrance of the Fira de Barcelona right from the opening.

But let’s go in order. Mike Blackman‘s traditional press conference and the customary ribbon-cutting ceremony could not be missed, which in fact also in Barcelona baptized the concept of reunion after two years that, needless to repeat, were difficult but at the same time taught a lot, with many companies scrambling to return to the market with new solutions and new technologies.

During the opening press conference, the new features of ISE 2022 were presented, with two keynotes by Refik Arnold on the intersection of art, architecture, science and technology, and Alan Greenberg on Next Generation Immersive Entertainment. Following this were the new Immersive art experience, AV experience zone, Projection Dome, Sound Experience and Discovery Zone areas, and the hundreds of lectures dedicated to the worlds of Smart Building, Control Room, Digital Signage, Digital Learning, Superyatch technology, Live Events and Museum. Last but not least is the co-presence between ISE and IOT Solution World Congress, which have joined forces to originate the new ISE IOT Solutions World Congress format.

There was a homage to the past 15 years in the Netherlands with a project dedicated to the city of Amsterdam that consists of the creation of a health unit dedicated to children with chronic illnesses that can also accommodate their families. A project desired by ISE, CEDIA and AVIXIA in collaboration with many of ISE’s historical exhibitors.

And here we go with some numbers:

  • 5 pavilions
  • 844 companies
  • 43 nations
  • 105 Spanish companies
  • 48,000 m2 of floor space occupied (aisles excluded)
  • nearly 50,000 pre-registrations at 7 am on the opening day of the fair

Below you can find a report of our four days at ISE 2022, with the products we found most interesting, and in closing also an interview with Mike Blackman.


We begin our experience at ISE 2022 with Panasonic, which chooses the appointment in Barcelona for the launch of many new products. Under the claim “4K Everywhere,” Panasonic unveiled innovative products for the AV industry, e.g. two new series of LCD projectors with 4,000 lm Solid Shine laser technology and ideal in educational and corporate settings.

The Panasonic PT-LMZ460 series enables immediate startup of presentations with its Quick Startup feature, which can activate the projection from standby mode in just one second. In addition to flexibility of use and a resolution higher than Full HD that ensure images of extreme sharpness, this projector series offers a 1.2x zoom lens and a brightness of up to 4,600 lm in native WUXGA resolution. This not only allows images to be reproduced in the original aspect ratio, but also allows an extra area of the screen to be used for displaying Web pages and spreadsheets. The Panasonic PT-TMZ400 short-throw series, with a brightness of up to 4,000 lm and WUXGA resolution, is also ideal for application cases in small museums or digital signage applications. The sophisticated optical design and SOLID SHINE laser projection efficiency that characterize both projector series reduce power consumption, waste and maintenance, making these devices an investment with a reduced environmental impact. Both series will be available from September 2022.

With the slogan “Smallest and Lightest,” Panasonic introduces the new PT-RQ25K series of compact projectors, designed to offer optimal integration in fixed installations and simplied setup and management operations in the rental & staging world. This four-model range includes the extremely small and lightweight 20,000 lm DLP™ 3-chip 4K projector with immersive image quality and unique features to facilitate everything from transportation and storage to installation and setup. The PT-RQ25K series will be available from September 2022. Also in the 20,000 lm range, Panasonic is previewing the world’s smallest, lightest and quietest LCD projector: the PT-MZ20K. Perfect for use during meetings in corporate settings, conference rooms, and hybrid environments, this projector stands out for its value for money and exceptional image quality in brightly lit environments.

Another new feature is dedicated to 360-degree video conferencing with the Panasonic TY-CSP1, a product designed to support new ways of working and collaborating by making hybrid meeting management as easy as possible. It is an intuitive system that connects to any PC via a single cable and captures high-resolution images with razor-sharp sound. The system can detect speakers in a video conference from up to 5 m away and has a volume equalization function to avoid echo, noise and automatically adjust sound quality depending on whether the speaker is in the room or presenting remotely. The solution will be available from July 2022.

The new EQ2 line of professional 4K LCD displays is designed in response to the increasingly complex needs of the corporate and education sectors. The series offers high visibility, long life and a wide range of connectivity features available in six sizes (86/75/65/55/50/43″). To simplify collaboration during conferences or school classes, the EQ2 series supports the Intel® SDM (Smart Display Module) specification slot, which can be used in conjunction with the receiver version of Panasonic’s PressIT wireless presentation system. In addition, the built-in Whiteboard function allows users to take notes directly on the screen, zoom in or out using a mouse. The displays will be available starting in the summer.



Yamaha showed the ADECIA Ceiling Solution at ISE, a system designed to provide an extremely accurate speaker tracking experience.

The integration uses Web-based room design software that requires no programming. The 1 Beyond’s Automate VX multi-camera solution complements this hybrid experience by showing the active speaker every time he or she speaks. Special features of the system are the 8 camera “beams” that automatically track voices in the room simultaneously, allowing not only perfect communication with no dead spots, but also endless table arrangements in multi-purpose spaces.

New to the ADECIA system is the addition of the 12/6-inch wireless gooseneck microphone, which uses the 1.9 GHz band and provides up to 20 hours of continuous operation with the included Li-ion battery rechargeable via USB-C.

Also presented for the first time at ISE were the DHR and CHR systems, two-way 15-inch, 12-inch and 10-inch active and passive units, ideal for F.O.H. applications, with the option of pole-mounting or hanging via rigging systems. Both are capable of delivering quality sound and an unobtrusive, low-profile form factor. The two-way 10-inch speaker can be used as a fill or delay, thanks in part to the various configuration and mounting options. All speakers in the series feature a 90º x 60º rotatable horn for pole-mounting or hanging, while the optional U-bracket actually expands the installation possibilities. A practical, extremely flexible system with excellent design and the quality typical of Yamaha products.

Unmissable at the Yamaha stand is the VC series of ceiling speakers for commercial installations, offering excellent sound quality at a price usually reserved for budget speakers. The series consists of six models, three with back can and three without, that feature an elegant low-profile design that allows installation even in limited ceiling or wall space. Large mounting clamps with non-slip steps ensure a secure grip.



At ISE Audinate demonstrated its flexibility in handling not only audio but also video streams with a series of Dante AV series interfaces capable of sending and receiving video, audio and metadata streams over IP networks.

Dante AV provides out-of-the-box compatibility with more than 3,300 products from over 500 vendors, and ensures accessibility and usability of video and audio through reliability, scalability, flexibility and simplification with IT management and control, low latency and timing, and interoperability between systems.

Dante AV includes two elements: The Dante AV module, which provides Dante integration with 1 video channel and up to 8 audio channels (transmit or receive), and the Dante AV Product Design Suite, which is a complete package that uses the Dante AV module.

Dante Domain Manager updates to include more devices for the Silver and Gold editions, the ability to add additional features and devices at any time to manage Dante networks. The Silver Edition is an ideal solution for smaller installations such as places of worship and recording studios, while the Gold Edition is perfect for medium-sized installations, including schools, small businesses and large places of worship, as part of a comprehensive AV management strategy, and the Platinum Edition is Dante management for the larger mission-critical systems found in universities, televised stadiums, public spaces and corporate offices.

Another novelty of the company concerns a fundamental choice in the realization of DANTE boards that are the same for all, but which can be activated or not with a variable number of channels according to requirements. A choice that results in significant savings in terms of cost, hardware updates and procurement needs.



At Integrated Systems Europe 2022, Analog Way showcased its powerful new 4K60 multi-screen, multi-layer video wall processors and presentation switchers. The Alta 4K line includes two products, Zenith 100 and Zenith 200, designed for medium to large live events and permanent LED video wall installations that require maximum reliability and high performance.

The Alta 4K switchers combine a robust design, top-level video processing and image quality, HDR support, ultra-low latency, versatile 4K connectivity, livestreaming capabilities, and extreme ease of use. They are based on an extremely robust and stable FPGA-based hardware platform and meet the needs of the most demanding applications, including live corporate meetings, hybrid events, worship productions, or large-scale 24/7 LED video wall installations.

Alta 4K switchers offer up to sixteen inputs with 4K connectivity (HDMI 2.0; DP 1.2; 12G-SDI), up to six independent 4K60 outputs, and a Multiviewer output to easily control all connected sources as well as Program & Preview screens. The Alta 4K series video outputs can be freely configured as single screens, edge-blended widescreens or auxiliary outputs, and each screen can consist of a live background with native resolution and up to 8 live layers.

The Alta 4K series is based on Analog Way‘s fifth-generation scaling engine, which offers ultra-low latency 4K60 10-bit 4:4:4 image processing, uncompromised video quality, HDCP 2.2 compatibility, advanced color correction with custom external 3D LUTs, real-time SDR/HDR conversion and mixing, and high frame rate processing up to 144 Hz.

The Alta 4K series completes Analog Way’s range of presentation systems and is positioned between the Midra™ 4K series, designed for small/medium sized projects, and the LivePremier™ 4K/8K systems designed for high-end setups and large LED video wall installations.



Visual Productions showed at ISE the new CueCore 3, the most powerful LED control device ever made by the Dutch company.

It is a completely solid-state device, has 4 DMX ports, 16 playbacks, full RDM compatibility and Show Control with more sources, actions and activities. The huge onboard memory allows for very long recordings, and CueCore3 also has an advanced fixture personality editor.

Purple Cloud is a cloud-based software that connects all CueCore3 devices in a single dashboard in a totally secure way, being encrypted. Within the HTTPS web interface you can view your account, the people who have access to the device, select the devices that are currently connected to the Cloud and then view all the details (time, network, playback, receiving, etc.).

Available now is the free version that allows monitoring of the status of all devices, while the full version, which will arrive at the end of the year, will allow full remote control of the units.



Yes Tech presented in Barcelona the new Mwall display with 2.6 mm pitch for indoor fixed installations and the MG7S P3.9.

Mwall P2.6 complements the already well-known Mwall P1.9. This version is also available in two models: with 500×500 mm or 500×1000 mm cabinets. Its main features are: SMD1515, full black LED, contrast of 9000:1, full front access for installation and maintenance, as well as supporting different installation types such as ground stack, wall mount, etc. Possible application environments include hotels, schools, shopping malls, multifunctional rooms of enterprises and institutions, conference rooms, sports facilities, stations and terminals, etc. Thanks to a die-cast aluminum alloy cabinet, it is lighter than competing products, more precise in structure as well as offering greater flatness of the entire screen. Mounting the PCBs with magnetic attachment allows for faster assembly.

MG7S P3.9 is confirmed best seller in the Magic Stage series, with standard 500×500 mm format, features SMD1516 full black LEDs, dual use indoor and outdoor, perfect for rental uses. The unique design of the cabinet structure and connector allows concave, convex, S-shaped and circular LED walls to be formed. The multiple prearrangement frame ensures full freedom of module mounting even in unconventional modes, being able to dislocate on different axes the various cabinets, allows the realization of geometric shapes impossible for traditional systems. The color performance is also impeccable, remaining excellent in both outdoor (high brightness) and indoor (low brightness) modes.



MADRIX presented the new update for the MADRIX RADAR software, aimed at monitoring the status and reliability of RDM-assisted lighting systems on Art-Net nodes (ArtRdm). The 1.2 software release, first introduced at ProLight+Sound in Frankfurt, includes a variety of small and large improvements, such as the addition of new languages (including Italian), the ability to use snapshots to save the current settings of all modifiable parameters of RDM devices in a single file, updating the licensing system, the use of visual indicators for critical system issues, etc. The MADRIX RADAR software upgrade is, of course, just one of the new features at the MADRIX booth. In fact, license prices for RADAR fusion have been realigned.

But the most eagerly awaited news was the MADRIX 5.5 software release, which will be available starting at the end of this month and includes the addition of more Cuelists, now unlimited (e.g., one for each day of the week), the introduction of Timeline in which you can easily import audio files from external hard drives, send them to play, create markers at the touch of a button, and move the audio clip in order to facilitate synchronization of the track with the movement of the lights. That’s not all: the new software will also be much faster.



A Barcellona, Christie ha presentato il proiettore laser M 4K25 RGB, un importante evoluzione della serie M con una tecnologia laser RGB innovativa e all’avanguardia, risoluzione UHD 4K con elettronica TruLife+™, convergenza elettronica del colore (ECC) e sistema di lenti intelligenti (ILS1) compatibile con le lenti dei proiettori della serie M, J e Crimson.

With 25,000 lumens and an incredibly small form factor, the M 4K25 RGB video projector represents a new milestone in 3DLP® RGB laser projection technology. The new M 4K25 RGB is not only quiet, but offers twice the brightness, twice the color volume, and four times the resolution compared to l-series projectors.

Another new feature is the LED MicroTiles, for which Christie aimed to develop the best LED display technology available. It is an original system that incorporates the latest LED display technologies into an advanced mechanical design.

Among the advantages of this technology is unlimited design freedom. Click-n-Go™ LED tiles, without cabinets, can be arranged in almost unlimited ways, including 90-degree inside/outside angles and concave and convex curves. Another aspect relates to superior visual quality, powerful processing including 12-bit input sources, 4K@120Hze HDR10 compatibility, combined with high brightness and cinema-quality colors that produce brilliant, true-to-life detail.

The proprietary QuickMount™ system consists of laser-cut steel mounting plates with special anchors that reduce installation complexity and eliminate alignment difficulties. Finally, individual tiles are automatically detected and self-localized while color and brightness are automatically matched to achieve >97% uniformity across the entire display for the entire lifetime. Finally, the eye-catching 50,000-lumen Griffyn™ 4K50-RGB laser projector and the Inspire Series DWU960-iS 1DLP® laser projector were present.



Absen and its “Immersive LED Experience” came to ISE with a full range of new LED solutions for business, control rooms, retail, stadiums and rental.

New products include the AX Pro series of MiniLEDs, the MR series of professional screens, and the new Clear Cobalt (CL) MicroLED.
Absen’s CL series includes the CL1.2 and CL0.9 models. With dimensions of 610×343 mm and resolutions from FHD to 8K, the Clear Cobalt series boasts Absen’s black calibration and custom HDR image algorithm technologies, which produce vivid, true-to-life colors. Equipped with anti-reflective coating, Clear Cobalt also offers high reliability through full flip chip and chip-on-board technologies.

The KL II series, another new product presented at ISE, is available in four different pixel pitches (1.2, 1.5, 1.8 and 2.5 mm). The KL meets the needs of a variety of applications, including control rooms, exhibitions, stores or conference rooms, thanks to its 16:9 aspect ratio (allowing 2K, 4K and even 8K displays to be created), HFR+ capabilities, high brightness, enhanced grayscale performance and color accuracy management technology.

There is also no shortage of the award-winning Absenicon, N series and Polaris series, as well as the new MR floor-standing series, which can withstand a load of 2,500 kg/sqm thanks to a high-density frame and tempered glass design. MR4.8 and MR2.5 can also be hung and stacked and have the ability to transform into interactive screens.



After the success in Frankfurt, Claypaky came to ISE with a focus on the line of projectors for outdoor use introduced in the last year. In particular, inside the booth we were able to quietly appreciate the potential of the new VOLERO BATTEN AQUA and TAMBORA FLASH.

VOLERO BATTEN AQUA is an IP66 high-performance mobile LED bar with light source consisting of 10 Osram RGBW 60W LEDs, extra-large 80x80mm lenses and some important features such as separate Zoom control in 2 groups of 5 adjacent lenses. With its IP66 rating, standard Wireless DMX control, a large amount of built-in effects and macros, it is the ideal lighting effect for the touring, event, television and installation markets, indoor and outdoor.

TAMBORA FLASH is an IP66 hybrid fixture that can act simultaneously as a strobe, wash, and blinder, specifically designed with a modular approach for use in linear arrays to provide new creative opportunities for lighting designers. Tambora Flash has an IP66 rating, which ensures that it can also be used in outdoor applications. Blinder and wash functions are achieved through 4 large central RGBWW LED reflectors of 100W each, which can be individually controlled through Advanced Layers Management. The presence of Warm White LEDs allows for the “warm” effect typical of blinders. However, the blinder effect can also be achieved by using colored LEDs, for a different effect than usual.
Tambora Flash was conceived and developed with the idea of employing several product units that can be combined horizontally and vertically, so as to achieve clusters conceptually similar to line arrays in audio systems.



Frenexport made its debut at ISE in a compact but impressive booth to present its product lines belonging to the new Helvia System and Centolight brands to the international audience and to showcase Commercial Audio solutions from Pioneer and K-Array’s new brand, K-Gear.

MOOD 1818WP is an IP65 PAR with 18W RGBWA+V 6in1 LEDs, ideal for architectural or live applications when a powerful (18 x 18W) and reliable projector is required. SCENIC W504 is a PAR for indoor use with 4 x 50W LEDs and 25° beam angle. The light sources are 4 50W LEDs (2 with warm white at 3200°K; 2 with pure white at 5600°K), are mixable according to the needs of the light designer. SCENIC W2001 is a 200W Warm + Pure White LED PAR for indoor use with fins and 60° beam angle.  Finally, SQUARE 150P is a 150W LED shaper with guillotines and gobo slots. The light source is a 150W CITILED® LED with CRI ≥90 to ensure excellent color rendering, especially in indoor environments such as TV studios, theaters, and museums.

As far as Helvia is concerned, Frenexport exhibited many of the products in its catalog, starting with the LIDO loudspeakers, which are the result of careful research into materials and technologies that resulted in a good balance between quality and robustness, between performance and reliability. And there is also talk of reliability, compactness and flexibility for the HWA-20 PLAY mini in-wall amplifiers, which contains a built-in high-efficiency and low thermal dissipation Class D amplifier capable of generating an output power of 2x10W @ 8ohm, a powerful multimedia player with built-in USB port, SD-Card, FM Radio, BT, AUX input and capable of reading almost all compressed and uncompressed audio formats.
STILE is a line of “gooseneck” microphones that includes several models suitable for every need and capable of lasting over time.The microphones vary in length (from 28 to 55 cm) and are offered with cardioid or super-cardioid polar pattern capsules, but they all share certain features that make them particularly functional in fixed installations. The double joint at the bottom near the connector and at the top near the capsule allow precise positioning in contexts such as meetings and conferences and make them very easy to use even for people who are not exactly experienced or “dedicated.”



At the huge Shure booth, we discovered the MICROFLEX ECOSYSTEM, and the new MXA920 ceiling-mounted pickup system, in square and round versions.

Automatic Coverage™ technology requires no setup, but allows precise control of audio capture. With a next-generation array architecture for better directional pickup and more natural speech, the MXA920 Ceiling Array Microphone is easy to use and is ideal for AV conferences. The system captures who you want to hear while avoiding unwanted sounds.

The MXA920 covers an area of 30 meters by 30 meters without any configuration, and for sound filming only in specific locations, up to 8 adjustable coverage areas can be configured using the built-in web interface, allowing simultaneous cquisition of interlocutors in different areas.

It is also possible to turn off the automatic coverage and use Steerable Coverage technology to position 8 shooting beams with 8 individual audio outputs and an automix, just as with the MXA910. The built-in IntelliMix DSP applies automatic mixing, echo cancellation, noise reduction and automatic gain control for flawless audio mixing.



Uniview showed the Tekken II series, in Tekken II outdoor 3.9 and Tekken II indoor 2.6 versions, for the first time at an international trade show.

Uniview LED Tekken II series is the ideal product for rental, both indoor and outdoor, and for making large screens and high resolutions. Available pixel pitches are 2.6mm/2.9mm/3.9mm for indoor use and 2.9mm/3.9mm for the outdoor version. The Tekken II cabinets are all IP65 rated for maximum flexibility in the choice of use. Traditional 6- and 8-position flight cases and new 15- or 30-position dollies are available for storage and transport.

Full-front and full-rear maintenance, the possibility of concave and convex screens up to 6°, the availability of 90° angles, the presence of scalable handles, and mechanical edge protection make it an optimal product for quick and reliable LED installations. The Power Box is mounted horizontally with the signal and power connectors downward for better efficiency in rainy weather.



There were many new products on display from Sennheiser in Barcelona. Let’s begin with the TeamConnect Intelligent Speaker, a certified intelligent speaker for Microsoft Teams, a solution to support intelligent, focused and inclusive meetings for up to 10 people, whether participants join remotely or are in the meeting room. It features an omnidirectional speaker to reproduce enveloping sound and seven built-in beamforming microphones that cover a range of 3.5 m.

Through this smart speakerphone, Microsoft Teams provides an automatic real-time transcription of the meeting by identifying by name, where participants have recorded their own voices, the individual people speaking. This provides an inclusive meeting experience even for those participating remotely or with hearing impairments.

Within Sennheiser’s immense stand we found a solution that is as simple as it is extremely functional and useful. It is a microphone that solves problems given by the difficulty of placing and hiding the headsets in thick hair, or the inability to fit the bodypack inside particular clothes and more. With MKE Mini, the company offers a bodypack to be hung around the neck in whose antenna a microphone is placed. The set, only 9 cm high, is easy to position and allows for hands-free operation during a presentation.


Let’s close our ISE 2022 experience in Barcelona with some final thoughts and the usual interview with the patron of the well-known international fair, Mike Blackman.

A bumper edition of ISE at Fira de Barcelona, Gran Vía. With a total of 43,691 visitors from 151 countries, who made 90,372 entries, exhibitors saw their booths more crowded than expected, with many new contacts. With 834 exhibitors on 48,000 square meters of exhibition space divided into six technology zones, ISE 2022 set a new benchmark with an easy-to-navigate venue and a host of opportunities to explore new solutions and start new business.

Highlights of the event included seven ISE lectures with more than 1,000 attendees, two key-notes from Refik Anadol and Alan Greenberg, and two extraordinary projection mapping projects in the city of Barcelona.

So let’s leave the floor to Mike Blackman for a final review of the fair. First time after the pandemic and first time in Barcelona. What are your feelings?

Mike Blackman: I am happy, we had a huge turnout. Our exhibitors are happy and are already booking for next year. Many will increase their attendance for ISE 2023 with larger booths! We are back! We are really here! I’m floating! Did you miss the exhibitors from Eastern Europe and Asia this year?

Mike Blackman: We obviously had to do without our Russian partners, and the whole situation in Ukraine is something unbelievable. We feel sorry for the Ukrainian people. Many companies from Eastern Europe have disappeared. And of course Ukrainian companies are missing as well. Many of our Chinese customers were absent because of the lock-down, I think we lost more than 250 Chinese companies. Also, some American companies are missing because of the upcoming Infocomm trade show. But they will all come back next year. Speaking of the keynote address, we enjoyed the one by Refik Anadol and his “poetry of numbers.” Can you tell us about that?

Mike Blackman: Last year, Casa Batlló called one of my Spanish vendors and said, “Can you get Mike Blackman to come and see Casa Batlló?” It’s a phenomenal place! They have taken a historic building and improved the experience for visitors without harming the architecture, without taking anything away from the building itself, and improving the way you learn about it. Then I saw Refik Anadol’s Gaudi Cube placed in the basement, and I said, “Wow, I have to meet this man!” I googled him and saw some Ted Talks and decided to offer him the opening key-note. We had some difficulties with the February date, because he was busy with some lectures, and when we postponed ISE, he immediately made himself available. Subsequently Casa Batlló then contacted me to propose a facade mapping. Refik Anadol is a rock star in our industry. Casa Batlló’s mapping was seen by 47,000 people. Those are rockstar numbers! I knew he was the right person! When you walk through the Sagrada Familia you start thinking about how Gaudi came up with these ideas, how his brain works. And when you listen to Refik you think this guy is like Gaudi, there are so many similarities! You realize it especially by looking at the way he creates, and by how he uses artificial intelligence.

When I first heard about NFT I said, “Interesting, but will people really buy digital art this way?” But then I saw that the NFT of the Casa Batlló mapping sold at auction Wednesday night at Christie’s for $1.3 million, and I learned it could be done. Fantastic! Can you tell us something about the next edition?

Mike Blackman: We will be here again from January 31 to February 3, 2023. We already know that the fair will be bigger, with 400 exhibitors having already confirmed their attendance.


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