RCF HL 6 & HL 35-S – Now available for pre order

RCF HL 6 is an ultra-compact two-way passive module for small and medium-sized spaces. The high-performance 1.75″ neodymium compression driver, paired with a constant-directivity waveguide design, generates a horizontal coverage of 100 degrees over the entire vocal range with remarkable clarity. Two high-power 6″ drivers deliver extended bottom-end and pure sound up to 131 dB SPL for a wide range of applications, both alone, or in line-array configuration.

The HL 35-S is the ideal flyable bass complement for the HL 6 line array system. It features a Baltic birch plywood cabinet housing one 4.0” voice coil and a 15” neodymium woofer that handles frequencies from 40 Hz to 140 Hz, with maximum linearity and low distortion up to 134 dB. The hardware is designed for fast deployment and is completely compatible with HL 6 rigging.

The cabinet’s design with coplanar woofers produces identical left and right coverage of 100°, for consistent directivity. Two 6″ RCF transducers with neodymium magnets push the low frequencies down to 65 Hz with perfect linearity. The high-performance 1.75” neodymium compression driver allows for a crossover at 900 Hz, resulting in a clear and accurate vocal reproduction. Pairing HL 6 with one or more HL 35-S compact 15″ subwoofers extends the lower range down to 40 Hz while maintaining the small horizontal footprint.

Neodymium transducers, polypropylene cabinet, and passive architecture make the HL 6 one of the lightest line-array modules on the market. The system engineer can extend the HL 6’s lower range with one or multiple HL 35-S flyable subwoofer modules, keeping the floor clear and maximizing the efficiency and coherence of the array. The robust baltic birch plywood cabinet of the HL 35-S can be used attached to the flybar, placed on the floor, or stacked with the HL 6 on top. Combined with robust rigging and a wide range of accessories, HL 6 and HL 35-S are perfect for installation, both in a corporate environment or music venue.

Info: www.rcf.it

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