ProLight+Sound 2022: Day Three

We start our report of the third day with what we believe proved to be the most interesting and innovative product at ProLight+Sound 2022.

We are talking about Desk Dough, a device produced by the company stops & mops, able to transform a projector into a lighting device with infinite gobos, different variants of prism, mix of sharp and blurred beams and much more. Enjoy the video to better understand what we’re talking about.

Desk Dough is available in the single video projector version or in the server version capable of managing multiple projectors thanks to the 8 Full-HD outputs or 2 with 4K resolution. The libraries with the two dmx modes are already available for Avolites, ChamSys, ETC, MA2 and especially gdtf.



Hollyland – a company specialized in wireless solutions specifically designed for data, audio and video transmission and intercom systems for real-time communication – presents its flagship products at PL+S in Frankfurt.

Including the new Solidcom C1 intercom, the solution for streaming and sharing your video content in the cloud Cosmo C1, the full-duplex wireless intercom ideal for small/medium events (from 100 to 1000 guests) Solidcom M1, LARK 150 the microphone system, also wireless, equipped with two independent ultra-compact microphones designed to record the dialogues of two people and finally Mars 400S Pro, the wireless transmission system that transmits video up to 1080p60 SDI or HDMI.



In a welcoming stand, SGM exhibits for the first time the i-6, a long-range LED illuminator with a narrow beam and the novelties launched in recent years, which have become a “must have” for many international rental companies. We are talking about the G-7 Beast and the more recent Q-8 for which we have realized two useful FocusOn. Moreover, inside the demo light rig of the stand, the “evergreen” VPL LED bars, demonstrating their almost immortality.

Let’s start with the latest i-6, presented for the first time to the international public. It’s a wash with a narrow beam, capable of delivering a significant amount of light and color where needed. With its state-of-the-art optical design, the i-6 sets a new benchmark in architectural lighting, going beyond the performance of a typical washlight.

The i-6 is a compact LED fixture designed to illuminate buildings and high structures. Its long-range performance is optimized for best results in wall washing and accent lighting. With adjustable power consumption, the i-6 is incredibly energy efficient and easy to maintain, reducing operating costs.

We’re talking about 6300 lux at 15 m, 2268 lux at 25 m and 1575 lux at 30 m, and a beam angle of 2.3º or 3.2º x 3.4º with a difference between field angle and beam angle of only 1.9º. Features include TruColor™ and VersaPath™ technologies inherited from previous models, which actually improve the consistency of color output from the fixture.

G-7 BeaSt is a moving head resulting from the union of two fixtures: a beam composed of a LED source and a large reflective dish, and a strobe/blinder obtained from a circular array composed of high power white LEDs and capable of reproducing pixel, strobe or blinder effects. So we have a 360 W white LED source combined with a 440 W SMD LED array and a total light output of 85,000 lux at 10 meters for the main beam and a strobe capable of 50,000 lumens. At 102 lumens per watt, the G-7 BeaSt is the most efficient product in the SGM catalog.

The Q-8 is a DualSource Strobe / Flood / Pixel / Blinder that inherits the compact size and low power consumption of the Q-7, the ergonomics of the Q-10, and the powerful strobe / blinder of the G-7 BeaSt. The fixture features two distinct sources, the first is a panel composed of 880 High-TLCI RGBW LEDs with 5700K white and 110° projection angle, while the second is represented by two arrays with 52 white LEDs at 7000K with 75° projection angle.



Robe is presenting five new products at Prolight + Sound – PAINTE, TetraX, iBeam 250, Spikie+ and Anolis Calumma … in addition to five other innovations launched during 2021 – FORTE, CUETE, LEDBeam 350, T2 and T11.

PAINTE™ is a silent, compact moving head with a quality profile for short and medium throw scenarios in theatrical, television, installation, live or corporate environments. It is capable of delivering 12,000 lumens with a TE 310W HP White LED source and unlimited color thanks to an advanced CMY color mixing system. PAINTE also features Robe’s revolutionary TRANSFERABLE ENGINE technology, a motorized zoom from 8° to 48° that is ideal for a wide range of applications.

The iBeam 250 is the latest addition to Robe’s growing iSeries and is fully IP65 rated. This offers the preferred attributes of all wash-beams – speed, color and wide zoom range, etc. – in a compact system suitable for outdoor applications Thanks to NFC (Near-Field Communication) technology, configuration, diagnostics and performance functions can be accessed directly from a mobile device even when the device is not powered via the Robe Com app.

TetraX™ was developed after the highly successful Tetra1™ and Tetra2 products, with the addition of dynamic pan movement and continuous rotation at very high speed, dramatically increasing the sweep effect possibilities of the fixture. Each of the 9 evenly spaced pixels generates an ultra-narrow 4° beam and combine to produce a bright, defined “sheet” of light. In addition, there are three patented MCFE™Multi-Colored Flower Effects – that emit spikes of crisp, multi-colored light with variable speed and direction control, further increasing the impact of animations in the air.

Spikie+® generates 25% more lumens from its single 60W RGBW source. The fixture has a specially designed 110mm front lens, and a fast-moving zoom that produces beams from a super narrow 4-degree to a soft, wide 28-degree wash. The exclusive Beam Effects Engine transforms output into three penetrating beams of narrow beams, while continuous pan and tilt movement adds another level of dynamism. Color management includes CMY or RGBW blending modes. Small and compact, weighing just 7.3kg, the Spikie+ can be mounted at any angle.

FORTE is Robe’s most powerful LED moving light, packed with specialized innovations and is a fixture of the future. Now you can choose between the TE™ 1,000W HP White LED Engine (HP – High Performance), which produces the highest possible power, and the TE™ 1,000W HCF White LED Engine (HCF – High Colour Fidelity) for those who demand exceptional color quality.


Visual Productions

Visual Productions is exhibiting the new CueCore3 at Frankfurt. the compact architectural controller with no moving parts or fans, designed for 24-hour stand-alone operation, complete with an internal web server for configuration and programming. The device is capable of playing back lighting shows, static scenes and dynamic effects and can be programmed to respond to a variety of incoming or scheduled protocols by date and time.

The next generation CueCore3 is the most powerful CueCore ever made. The solid state device features 4 DMX ports, 16 playbacks, full RDM compatibility and Show Control with more sources, actions and tasks. The huge memory available allows extremely long recordings. CueCore3 even has an advanced editor for personality fixtures.



The Synq brand, belonging to the Beglec group, presents the new Dante audio interfaces already announced at the end of last January and especially the new line of active speakers.

Synq Audio Research, or simply Synq, is a brand whose genesis stems from high-end DJ products and in 2014 veered towards professional PA ones: turntables, amplifiers, digital signal processors, speakers and subwoofers, as well as a range of accessories such as cables/connectors and flight cases.

The new Dante audio interfaces in the catalog – DBI-O4, DBI-44, DBT-O4, DBT44 – are essential for touring applications, and not only, because they make the two worlds of audio over network protocol with the traditional analog, maintaining an ultra-low latency. The integrated DSP audio processing (parametric EQ, compressors, delays …) on all channels is ideal for direct management of speakers with Dante input, but can also be implemented in many other applications.

At the Synq booth, SA-Series, a new preview of the company that consists of a range of professional speakers with elegant design, superior audio quality, simple and intuitive functionality and therefore suitable for both touring applications and fixed installations.
Among the features are amplifiers capable of handling up to 1500 Wms in Class-D, possibility of use as both PA and monitor, advanced DSP with preconfigured and user-manageable EQ and combo XLR and 1/4″ TRS I/O connections with independent gain control.


AV Stumpfl

AV Stumpfl is exhibiting at ProLight+Sound with the world premiere of the innovative AnyShape projection screen systems and the new PIXERA four media server.

AnyShape allows custom production of mobile projection screens with non-standard frame shapes, such as circles, rounded edges or semicircles. It is an ingenious way in custom projection screen management with a wide variety of different frame shapes directly from the factory.

The new PIXERA four is an extremely powerful media server, perfect for real-time graphics applications in live events and XR/AR broadcasting. This high-end system offers flexible and reliable playback options for real-time compositing.

12G-SDI I/O support, a default data read rate of 10GB/s and five PCI 4.0 slots are some of the key system features of AV Stumpfl’s new product. The engine is represented by an AMD Performance CPU with 128GB of RAM, capable of flexibly handling 8K 10Bit content at 60 fps without any problems.



In Frankfurt, Allcolor, the German company with 30 years of experience in the construction products sector, is exhibiting an extensive line of Gaffa tapeGlow tape, Fluo tape, Camouflage tape, Cloth tape and many others.

These ribbons, like all Allcolor products, feature a good quality/price ratio and almost immediate availability of the various types, thanks to a sophisticated “logistics concept” implemented by the company.



Explo, a company specialized in the creation of machines for stage effects to be used in festivals, concerts, clubs and discos, television and theater shows, fashion and sporting events, exhibits in Frankfurt the innovative Gas Projector GX2 and the X2 Wave Flamer.

The first one is a professional gas projector that allows individual use of flame columns or fireballs; thanks to its robust construction, this gas projector is particularly suitable for outdoor use.

The X2 Wave Flamer is a liquid-fueled flame effects system with moving head technology; it allows very fast and precise flame explosions up to 10 m high within a 210° radius.



For LD Systems, this year’s Prolight + Sound was focused on a single product – MAILA. The “Modular All-Round Intelligent Line Array” that is not just one product, but a scalable audio system that sets new standards in ease of use and flexibility in the professional rental market.

In fact, the system combines the best concepts of sound reinforcement technology into a single system. It consists of four basic elements: the MAILA SAT satellite module, the MAILA COL column module, the MAILA SPA amplifier module and the MAILA SUB subwoofer. With these elements, MAILA enables scalable and flexible system configurations for a wide range of applications.

In addition to its system flexibility, MAILA impresses with features and technologies that make life significantly easier for every sound engineer. SmartLink+®, for example, enables wireless connection (power + signal) as well as automatic recognition of individual modules via sturdy aluminum rails, while LogoLink® invisible antennas offer a wireless connection with ranges of up to 30 meters. Using the free MAILA app (iPadOS), each MAILA system can also be configured quickly, easily and in detail – including SAT angle calculations and wireless system updates.

With the patented EasySplay® mechanism, MAILA takes ease of use in the line array industry to a new level. The mechanism allows users to adjust the tilt of each satellite from 0° to 8°. The angle can be adjusted with one hand via a rotating handle, even under load. In this way, each MAILA system offers a unique and flexible concept to adapt the sound coverage to any situation at any time.



The 100% wireless company is present in Frankfurt with an absolute novelty, the brand new HydraPanel, a 25W LED mini-panel that will be released this summer, capable of expressing up to 1298 lumens and that can be connected to a truss or other Hydra Panels. Accessories include magnetic frames for attaching frost and honeycomb filters.

Also featured is the 15W PixelBrick, CRMX + Wired DMX. In addition to being a battery-powered uplight and PAR with 5 different beam options, multiple PixelBricks can be linked together to form clusters and shapes. At approximately 10 cm in board length and 1 kg in weight, it is small and lightweight while maintaining a powerful high quality light output. The PixelBrick can be used for many on-stage, cinema and TV applications.


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