ProLight+Sound 2022: Day Two

Here we go with the report of the second day in Frankfurt, packed with interesting news from ETC, Kvant, OSRAM, Laserworld, MADRIX and Claypaky. Happy reading!


ETC’s stand was full of surprises, new consoles, new fixtures and many curious people.

But let’s go in order and we can only start with the new EOS Apex series of light controllers, available in three formats that differ in the number of faders: Eos Apex 5, 10 and 20. Apex actually improves the user experience by giving all the comfort possible thanks to the huge multitouch displays with 4K resolution that offer a large working space for all the Eos tools, such as Magic Sheets, Direct Selects and Augment3d.

The screens can move on a dual axis and have a viewing angle of 160 degrees, so you can see all instruments and data from any position. Eos Apex introduces customizable Target Keys for Direct Selects, with individual OLED displays that can be personalized with images, icons and text. The encoder area has been expanded with eight mini-encoders and a navigation switch so you can quickly switch between parameters. The five, ten and twenty motorized playbacks (depending on the model chosen) now have an additional wheel, which can be mapped separately to facilitate fader control.

In addition to the standard Gigabit etherCON connections, all Apex controllers also feature SFP+ ports compatible with the latest high-speed copper and fibre networks. The Eos Apex consoles and processors also provide 24K output, allowing them to control complex installations with ease. You can also add optional expansion units for MIDI, Timecode and more.

The new compact and lightweight Talen moving head is a tiny but high-power fixture. Talen’s RGBW source with full additive colours and large frontal aperture allows for extremely narrow beams (just 3°) and high power with infinite pan and tilt movement. Talen does not have a display or configuration menu, but can be easily configured and addressed via ETC’s Set Light app.

Also on show is the Lonestar moving head, a motorised profile that, thanks to its many features, also works well as a Wash or Beam. Extreme versatility is provided by a 290W Ultra-Bright LED source that guarantees 15,400 lumens of output, a powerful 3.8°-55° zoom, a CMY colour mixing system, electronic CCT linear mixing control, 16-blade iris to further reduce the beam aperture, Gobos effects, a 10-colour colour wheel, Prism, four shaping blades and two diffusion filters that transform it into a real wash. All this in a 22 kg motorised unit 60 cm high and 41 cm wide.



Kvant‘s exhibition at ProLight+Sound was a real eye-catcher.

The Czech company is exhibiting several new products in Frankfurt, including Berry Light, a 5W RGB colour laser system with a built-in 3W LED blinder. A mix that enables a series of original and innovative laser effects.  Berry also allows multiple elements to be combined to create a multi-head laser projector that can be assembled into any geometric formation.

Moving on to outdoor applications with the LegoLas 2000, a professional 2-Watt RGB laser in a weatherproof housing, developed for outdoor laser advertising, high visibility signage, façade lighting and people flow management applications. With its built-in control interface and robust IP construction, it is a complete solution for permanent installations in harsh environments.

BeamBrush is a solution resulting from cooperation with Pangolin. This professional RGB colour laser system, in addition to all conventional laser effects, can also change the size of the projected beam in real time. This unique feature makes it capable of projecting laser graphics and animations to a whole new level.
In addition, this allows the emulation of moving head and wash effects – making the BeamBrush laser projector suitable and effective for a much wider variety of lighting applications and with an unlimited number of gobos, as these can be programmed within the software. The BeamBrush is available in 3 Watt, 6.8 Watt, 10 Watt and 35 Watt versions. In addition, it has all the advanced features of other KVANT projectors and is compatible with all standard accessories.

The new Spectrum series with its clean and practical design offers high performance, exceptional beam quality, a wide colour gamut, and several control options for easy integration into existing systems. The new Spectrum is available in three versions – 30 Watt ROGB, 33 Watt RYGB, and 45 Watt RYGB with orange or yellow OPSL.

Thanks to the latest breakthroughs in beam-shaping techniques, all of these models produce an enormous amount of brightness, with an aluminium foam chassis with a dampened heatsink, advanced thermal management and ergonomics that make working with the Spectrum exciting and fun.



ams OSRAM is celebrating the return of ProLight+Sound with some top products for the world of entertainment.

On its stand are SIRIUS HRI lamps for compact moving heads in the PRO version, offering maximum performance with very stable light and longer life. The PRO ECGs incorporate lamp dimming software, allowing maximum performance for the longest lifetime.

SIRIUS HRI CORE offers the best combination of performance and durability without additional control functions. Perfect for all uses in stage lighting and architainment. HRI VALUE is the standard for the price-conscious. High output with improved central intensity and ideal for small clubs and venues.

Lok-it! Power Series are known for their excellent brightness, reliability and colour quality. Designed for ease of use and safety, these lamps allow handling from the base only and insertion into the fixture from the back of the reflector, with less risk during installation or removal.

Two new additions to the series shown at Frankfurt are the Lok-it! 1800 W Brilliant and Lok-it! 2000 W Brilliant with a colour rendering index (CRI) of 95. The lamps in the Power (PS) series provide more power in an even more compact design. Brilliant’ lamps are designed with exceptional colour rendering, making them ideal for use in theatres where colour quality is paramount. In addition, the lamps designated as “Blue” provide crisp, bright white light at 7500K. ams OSRAM has a Lok-it! lamp for every application. The ceramic base makes these lamps resistant to high ignition voltages of up to 35 kilovolts (kV).

SharXS Brilliant is the series of double-ended metal halide lamps. With its modular SharXS HTI series, ams OSRAM offers a particularly energy-efficient and therefore cost-effective variant for use in moving heads, scanners, projectors and colour changers. Thanks to a special coating, the lamps can withstand temperatures of up to 450 °C, which means that no additional high maintenance cooling is required.

At Prolight + Sound there are two new SharXS Brilliant lamps – 1200W and 1500W, with a high colour rendering index of 90 and eXtreme Seal (XS) technology for optimum heat resistance.

For more than 50 years, OSRAM HMI lamps have been meeting the most demanding requirements of the film and television industry. These metal halide discharge lamps have excellent colour rendering and photometric integrity throughout their life.

DIGITAL HMIs provide all the features needed to illuminate traditional film productions as well as theatre stages. They offer flicker-free operation and can also be used with conventional luminaires. All HMI DIGITAL lamps offer UV-stop technology for added safety. They are very robust, heat-resistant and offer incredibly bright light at up to 100 lumens per watt. HMI DIGITAL 1600, 6000W, 9000W and 18000W – the latest members of the HMI DIGITAL family on show at Prolight + Sound 2022 not only feature UV-blocking glass but also improved mechanical stability and robustness.



Laserworld is exhibiting for the first time at Prolight+Sound 2022 in Frankfurt a number of innovations developed by the Swiss-German group’s R&D team, which has been working hard over the past two years to develop lasers with higher power, notably 8 and 12 W for the Laserworld Club series, at surprisingly low costs.

The RTI PIKO series has now been extended to include a 55 W RGB laser system for the highest professional demands. Called RTI PIKO 55, it is at the top of the range in terms of power output while maintaining a compact housing.

In Frankfurt we could appreciate a new addition to the RTI product portfolio: the first device in a new series of lasers called ANGO.
This is a real “colossus” available in two versions, ANGO 300 and ANGO 600, and equipped with extreme power and suitable for outdoor use as skylasers. They have a moving beam with x-y deflection and are capable of reproducing laser beams that can be seen from many kilometres away.



The beta version of MADRIX 5.5 was presented at ProLight+Sound and will be released within a couple of months. Among the new features is the introduction of MIDI feedback, requested by many users of the system, which allows the status of active functions to be displayed bidirectionally on both the software and the MIDI interface. In addition, a real Timeline has been introduced that allows you to move the various cues along an audio track.

Madrix presents the new update for MADRIX RADAR software to monitor the status and reliability of lighting systems with the help of the RDM protocol on Art-Net nodes (ArtRdm).

Large-scale installations have shown that reliable 24/7 monitoring is not only extremely useful, but increasingly required by customers. Faulty equipment, nodes or other errors can be easily monitored and logged thanks to the automatic and continuous supervision of numerous system parameters and the corresponding notifications sent by e-mail by the software itself.

The 1.2 update includes a variety of small and large improvements, such as the addition of 9 languages including Italian, the ability to use snapshots to save the current settings of all editable RDM device parameters in a single file, an updated licensing system, the use of visual indicators for system criticalities and the ability to establish connections to a remote server for PostgreSQL database management.



Claypaky shows in Frankfurt many new products, developed over the last three years but never shown at an international exhibition, such as the moving head developed for use in theatres and beyond SINFONYA PROFILE 600, the innovative SHARPY X FRAME, the new MINI XTYLOS HPE, a more compact but no less performing version of its big brother, XTYLOS AQUA for outdoor applications, the new series of compact and lightweight LED-based moving head luminaires AROLLA PROFILE MP and AROLLA SPOT MP, and TAMBORA BATTEN, a high-power LED bar offering an impressive 8500 lumen output, with advanced pixel mapping capabilities and a unique three-layer selection, which can be seamlessly arranged in a line or matrix for stunning lighting effects.

And it is precisely on the LED bar concept that the Bergamo-based company offers visitors to the ProLight+Sound three World Premiere:

VOLERO BATTEN AQUA, the new high performance mobile LED bar with a light source consisting of 10 Osram RGBW 60W LEDs, extra-large 80x80mm lenses and some important features such as separate Zoom control in 2 groups of 5 adjacent lenses. With its IP66 protection rating, standard Wireless DMX control, a large number of built-in effects and macros, it is the ideal lighting effect for the touring, event, television and installation markets, both indoor and outdoor.

TAMBORA LINEAR is a static LED bar with pixel mapping functionality designed for versatile lighting effects and artistic set decoration. It is a hybrid bar, incorporating two complementary effects in a single fixture: the first is a system of 400 RGB pixel-to-pixel LEDs, providing a background light very similar to that of a high-definition LED wall. The second effect consists of a central line of 200 extremely powerful white LEDs for an overwhelming strobe effect.

TAMBORA FLASH is a hybrid luminaire that can act as a strobe, wash and blinder simultaneously, specifically designed with a modular approach for use in linear arrays to offer new creative opportunities for lighting designers. Tambora Flash has an IP66 protection rating, ensuring it can also be used in outdoor applications.

Last but not least, the CP Green – Spotlight on Sustainability Initiative to address the issue of sustainability with even greater focus by aiming to design a brighter future by reducing the carbon footprint and increasing energy efficiency. Among the measures taken by the company to reduce the environmental impact of its business activities are the implementation of the Kanban control system in the production process to increase the efficiency of operations and reduce waste, optimised compressed air production and testing procedures leading to a reduction in total electricity consumption and CO2 emissions, elimination of all solvent-based coloured inks on product packaging and paperless operation in the production process and when attending trade fairs.


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