ProLight+Sound 2022: Day One

Here we are with a recap of the first day at ProLight+Sound in Frankfurt, where in spite of the absence of many big players, especially in the audio sector, we found a welcoming atmosphere, lots of news and a great desire to be there, to meet again and to get down to serious business.. Crowded stands, lots of new products and no masks are some of the emotions that we were able to experience first hand after 3 years.

Without getting lost in chatter, let’s start the usual round-up!


Steinigke chose Frankfurt for the launch of the Light Captain app, a tablet-based light controller with a wireless DMX interface that caters for both beginners taking their first steps in the world of event lighting, as well as demanding and experienced users.

Light Captain is clearly and logically structured so that even inexperienced users can find their way around quickly. However, the app offers many solutions that also make the professional’s job easier and enable more complex lighting situations.

The app can be used to control all types of fixtures. The app is divided into different sections, from the more intuitive one where you can control different scenes or chasers by setting the speed or music-to-light operation, to the more complex ones where you can work in theatre mode by launching different cuelists with fade-in and fade-out times, managing up to three scenes simultaneously. In addition, there are three freepatch faders to which stand-alone memories such as hall lights, front lights or fog can be assigned.

Also new is the first IP65 moving head produced by the German company, the FUTURELIGHT IP PLH-420, a weatherproof beam/spot moving head with 420 W discharge lamp and CRMX wireless receiver. Features include a motorised zoom with 1-14° beam and 4-25° spot modes, bi-directional rotating 6-facet linear prism and 8-facet variable speed prism, which can be combined for multi-facet effects, frost filter, adjustable speed strobe, random and pulse effects, 13-slot dichroic colour wheel and two gobo wheels with 9 rotating and 14 static gobos. Similar features for the FUTURELIGHT IP PLB-420 fixture, which features a 1° beam angle, 13-slot colour wheel and 14-slot gobo wheel.


Elation returns to Prolight + Sound with some important new products, including the new Proteus Excalibur, the brightest IP65 beam ever created, and the world premiere of the 70,000-lumen Proteus Brutus LED wash! The new high-performance Fuze series projectors will also be on show, including the Fuze MAX full-spectrum moving head and the world premiere of the Fuze Wash 500, featuring a Fresnel lens and full-spectrum LED.

But that’s not all: there are also new KL Series products optimised for broadcast, including the world premiere of the KL Profile FC, a compact, full-colour ellipsoidal shaper, and the new KL Panel XL, a larger, brighter version of Elation’s popular full-colour, diffuse-light KL Panel LED.

Proteus Brutus: a powerful IP65-rated spotlight designed for high intensity wash in any environment. It is based on a high efficiency 1200W 6,500K white LED engine, operates with CMY colour mixing, variable CTO and 6-position colour wheel, includes rotating gobos, animation wheel, iris and frost. With a beam angle of 4° to 45°, the Proteus Brutus cuts through the sky at great distances.
Proteus Excalibur: The Proteus Excalibur is the most powerful IP65 beam with CMY colour mixing ever, set to become a standard in its field. With an output of 20,000 lumens, a 0.8° beam angle and a wide frontal aperture, it excels at creating aerial beams, colour casts and effects that rival xenon projectors.

Proteus Rayzor Edge & Proteus Rayzor Blade: a motorized LED bar that combines linear wash, high intensity strobe line and SparkLED FX in a compact linear design. The Edge features 6 independently controlled 60W RGBW LEDs, while the Blade features 12. The two lines of LEDs used as strobes also offer the option of independent zone control to create even more spectacular effects. The Proteus Rayzor Edge and Blade provide well-defined mid-air beams or exceptionally wide and uniform coverage thanks to a motorised zoom with 5°-45° range.
Proteus Rayzor 1960: this compact but extremely powerful LED wash light, with a zoom range of 5.6° to 44°, delivers sharp, intense mid-air beams and exceptionally wide, uniform wash coverage. Driven by 19 independently controlled 60W RGBW LEDs, the Proteus Rayzor 1960 delivers a powerful beam (over 17,000 lumens) that stands out on any stage.

Fuze MAX Spot / Fuze MAX Profile: The Fuze MAX is a 21,000 lumen full spectrum LED moving head with an RGBMA (92 CRI) LED engine that rivals 1000 / 1200 W discharge fixtures. Available in Spot and Profile versions, the Fuze MAX is designed for precision lighting applications such as theatre, broadcast and houses of worship where a particularly wide colour spectrum is required.
Fuze Wash 500: A full colour spectrum moving head LED Fresnel projector designed for theatre, television, events and a wide range of other precision lighting applications. It employs a 500W RGBMA LED engine with a brightness of 17,000 lumens and CRI of 92. It is designed for any application where exceptional colour, a wide zoom range and a soft beam are required.

Fuze Pendant Compact: an energy-saving pendant luminaire that is ‘smart’ to fit into any environment and small enough to be suitable for a wide variety of spaces. Housing a 144W full spectrum RGBWL LED array, it produces beautiful colours and variable white tones with high CRI. Colour temperature control is between 2400 and 8500 K.
KL Profile FC: A compact ellipsoidal shaper with a 305 W RGBMA LED source designed for a wide range of precision lighting applications. With a zoom range of 7 to 50°, the luminaire requires no additional optics, reducing cost, complexity and providing excellent flexibility for any theatre or performance venue. Power output exceeds 10,000 lumens.

KL Fresnel 6 FC: a soft colour light optimised for critical and noise-sensitive locations such as theatres and in broadcasting. It is a fill light source that projects a smooth uniform stream across the entire colour spectrum, including dynamic white light. It houses a highly efficient 220 W RGBMA LED engine and produces up to 8000 lumens with a motorised zoom from 10° to 32°.


Cameo Lighting

Adam Hall is present at ProLight+Sound with two stands dedicated mainly to the Cameo and LD Systems brands.

At the Cameo stand we were able to appreciate the new OTOS® H5, which is aimed directly at those who need a complete and efficient hybrid beam spot wash moving head. In addition to use in large venues, the OTOS® H5 with its high light output (19,000 lm) and IP65 certification is particularly recommended in outdoor areas, such as outdoor concerts and festivals. The extremely flexible 3-in-1 projector combines powerful light output and effects with a low weight of only 33 kg, making the OTOS® H5 currently the lightest product in its performance class.

Also new is the P2 series, Cameo’s first profiles for the professional theatre, TV and event sector. The series includes projectors with LED sources in Tungsten, Daylight and Full-Color (RGBAL) versions, with extremely high CRI (96) and TLCI values for true-to-life colour rendering. With a light output of 15,000 lm, the P2 models are perfect for replacing traditional 1kW luminaires. In addition to their selectable pulse width modulation (up to 25 kHz) for flicker-free operation, the profiles with RDM can be flexibly adjusted remotely in beam angle (15-50°) via optional interchangeable lenses.

The new Cameo LUXIS FC features a 200 watt RGBALC 6-in-1 COB LED, which offers excellent colour rendering (CRI > 92) combined with high light output (7750 lm) and is suitable for the rental market and for use in theatres and exhibition centres.

At Prolight + Sound, Cameo presents for the first time the new STUDIO PAR series, with the models STUDIO PAR 4 G2, STUDIO PAR 6 G2 and STUDIO PAR TW G2. This is an all-round versatile LED PAR with integrated mixing of all colours, available in colour, amber and UV light or tunable white.


The well-known German company is launching three new products in Frankfurt: IMPRESSION X5, IMPRESSION X5 IP BAR and XDC1 IP HYBRID.

The Impression X5 is a ‘next generation LED wash light’ – a new fixture that brings all the benefits of the iconic X4 series with cutting edge technology and new features in a weight of just 13.3 kg. It starts with 19 x 40 watt RGBL LEDs that provide incredible light output and an extended colour gamut, GLP’s new iQ.Gamut colour algorithm that ensures a clean 6,500 K white point with high colour rendering (CRI 90 / TLCI 90), plus the ability to switch to other precisely calibrated colour temperatures.

Features include a new super-fast 16:1 zoom lens from 3.5° to 60° with homogeneous light distribution throughout the range, pixel mapping effects, a virtual colour wheel with 64 standard LEE colours, tungsten emulations, magenta/green correction, a new colour quality and effects control channel, and double-layer effects.

The XDC1 IP Hybrid combines the impressive features of a wash fixture with the powerful colours of the X5 impression. The unique optics allow for a narrow beam angle of 9°, with two extremely bright strobe lines borrowed from the JDC1, all in an IP65 certified housing. The AQA XDC1 IP Hybrid can be aligned horizontally and vertically and combined with other units to create seamless columns or lines.


Presso lo stand Riedel abbiamo potuto toccare con mano gli SmartPanel di nuova generazione, che di fatto aprono nuove prospettive sulle interfacce utente multifunzionali. Basandosi sulla tecnologia che alimenta le interfacce utente Riedel SmartPanel guidate dalle app, i nuovi SmartPanel della serie 1200 rappresentano un salto di qualità nella flessibilità del flusso di lavoro, nella potenza e nella connettività. Dotati di più display multi-touchscreen a colori, innovativi tasti a leva ibridi, la possibilità di sfruttare le app per la multifunzionalità e la capacità di adattarsi facilmente ai vari flussi di lavoro in uso oggi, questi nuovi pannelli esprimono una flessibilità estrema.

Il concetto di SmartPanel disaccoppia le capacità del pannello dal suo hardware e lo trasforma in un dispositivo generico sul quale gli utenti possono installare diverse applicazioni per attivare diverse capacità. Con uno SmartPanel, non solo si ottiene ciò che il pannello è in grado di fare oggi, ma anche ciò che sarà in grado di fare in futuro.

RSP-1232HL supporta diversi flussi di lavoro (“Talk/listen” e “Talk/Mute”), è dotato di 32 tasti a leva ibrida con encoder rotativo integrato, etichetta dei tasti con etichetta principale di 8 caratteri, sottoetichetta di 16 caratteri ed icone definite dall’utente, 2 altoparlanti full-range e regolazioni del microfono muto e del sidetone sul pannello frontale.
RSP-1216HL supporta vari flussi di lavoro (“Talk/Listen” e “Talk/Mute”), è dotato di 16 tasti a leva ibrida con encoder rotativo integrato, possibilità di etichettare i tasti con etichetta principale di 8 caratteri, sottoetichetta di 16 caratteri ed etichette con icone definite dall’utente, 1 altoparlante full-range e regolazione mic mute e sidetone sul pannello frontale.

Altra novità presente a Francoforte è la device FusioN 3, un convertitore IP standalone e Multiviewer, estremamente compatto e versatile. La device è in grado di affrontare molteplici scenari di connettività tra i formati SDI/HDMI e fibra ottica a IP ST2110. Inoltre, i prodotti possono anche gestire formati compressi come JPEG-2000 o JPEG-XS. Non solo è possibile convertire i segnali, ma FusioN può essere trasformata in un Multiviewer IP ST2110 a 16 immagini.


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