ArKaos Launches New VS1 Media Server

ArKaos – leading real-time live visual technology innovator – launches its new VS1 media server at the Prolight+Sound expo in Frankfurt next week.

The slickly designed, portable and powerful VS1 is the first in a next gen of creative visual control products from ArKaos, and is a feature-packed, intuitive, fun to use and cost-efficient solution.

VS1 runs 4K video sources – with 2x HDMI and USB-C outs on the back of the device – giving the best and most vibrant results in a hugely flexible and user-friendly control package.

Its compact dimensions of 143.2mm x 195mm x 43mm and triple unit in a 1U footprint means that several VS1 devices can be rigged in the same rack housing if desired, and the light weight of just 1.2kg plus its robust, quality-engineering make it perfect for touring lighting operators, VJs and DJs.

It is a low noise product, ideal for potentially acoustically sensitive environments like churches, museums and heritage sites and visitor centres, concert halls, etc. as well as for digital signage applications.

VS1 uses ArKaos’ streamlined proprietary SAGA codec guaranteeing the best performance, maximum number of visual playback channels and ultimate visual quality with 10-bit definition per colour and an Alpha Channel.

The VS1 provides a 2.5Gb/s network connection for lighting fast file transfer and updates.

The VS1 will run MediaMaster 6, and a licence for this hugely popular software platform is included in the price.

VS1 is perfect for music clubs and a whole range of live event applications – from music shows to fashion, art installations to corporate events and roadshows, as well as television productions, streaming shows and other digital gigs and showcases.

It is designed as an all-round rock-solid and reliable product with the touring market in mind. A product that visual designers / operators can travel safely and practically in a back-pack or a small case whilst working on a project where they would typically be hooking into different house LED and visual surfaces each day to run the tour’s production visuals.

In terms of industrial design, VS1 is also the first ArKaos product developed under the new InMusic Brands style.

The company was acquired by the American-owned global music-based enterprise in 2020 to continue the famous, ground-breaking ArKaos DNA and penchant for innovation and imagination in offering simple, powerful, logical, and creative control and operation solutions for multiple visual sources.

The ArKaos team is looking forward to a busy Prolight+Sound exhibition as a great launchpad for this fantastic new product as the live show and events industry enthusiastically re-starts post pandemic.


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