RCF Technical Note

RCF has announced two important technical notes.

The first concerns the M 18 Digital Audio Mixer with Firmware version up to 231.

A startup issue has recently been found and then corrected which, in some sporadic cases, can cause communication loss and device lock.

In this unfortunate circumstance, only a qualified RCF service centre can restore the device.

To avoid the risk of running into this problem, we ask you to check that the FW version of your mixer is the 231 or later, otherwise we recommend that you update the device as soon as possible.

Download Firmware

The second note concerns an important update to RDNet 4.1.8.

RCF improves and expands the RDNet platform with a new and faster connection to our servers. This new update reduces connection times, has increased the overall stability of RDNet cloud services, and includes minor bug fixes. Please download the new RDNet Launcher to utilize new firmwares.

Please be advised that the previous version of RDNet Launcher (version 4.1) is now discontinued. RDNet software will maintain its functionality but will not be able to connect to cloud services or check for new software and firmware updates.

During startup, RDNet Launcher will require an Internet connection to download the software remotely and log in once inside RDNet. During subsequent startups, the launcher will check for any updates on the network (software and/or firmware) and, if present, will show the Patch Note with the related changes, allowing the user to choose whether to apply or skip it. RDNet Launcher is also equipped with a recovery system that allows you to recover the software in case of corruption or failure to download complete files.

Download the new release

Info: www.rcf.it

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