New RCF sound reinforcement solution for University of Leipzig’s Institute of Art Education

The Institute for Art Education at the German University of Leipzig recently renewed the audio technology of its large lecture hall in the Geschwister-Scholl-Haus. To replace the old system of the lecture hall, the institute opted for a line array system from RCF. The renovation aimed to provide frontal sound to the room from the stage and ensure excellent speech intelligibility and perfect media reproduction (sound and music). The renovation of the audio technology and the complete media control system was planned and implemented by company SEA Leipzig.

For this purpose, compact RCF line arrays were suspended from the rear wall of the podium located at the right and left of a ready-made screen, providing frontal sound reinforcement for the auditorium. Each line array consists of a combination of 4 units of active HDL 6-A loudspeakers, completed by 2 flying active HDL 12-AS subs positioned above. The HDL 6-A modules are the smallest in RCF’s HDL range and perfectly complement the very compact HDL 12-AS bass modules, especially with flying line arrays. All components are finished in white to blend unobtrusively into the architecture. The audio concept and on-site installation were conducted by Andre Scholze and his company SEA (Studio Elektroakustik GmbH Leipzig).

“Our large lecture hall is not only used by the Institute for Art Education but also by other institutes, such as that of Musicology”, Prof. Andreas Wendt, Director of the Institute, explains the modernisation’s background. “The previous sound system had to be renewed, and when selecting a new system, we deliberately paid attention to its flexibility. From our point of view, the new system had to offer perfect speech intelligibility and excellent results when reproducing music. With the new line arrays, we have achieved both goals. In addition, the system was very well matched to the room’s spatial conditions during installation, thus being very quiet for the speakers on the podium.”

The system remains very quiet at the speaker position on the podium, and the line arrays were scaled mechanically and with an acoustic curve design. The radiation characteristics were limited to the area between the first and last rows in the slightly terraced auditorium. Both line arrays are installed on the wall with a flying rig designed in-house by media technology company SEA. RCF’s HDL 6-A modules feature proprietary, advanced FIR filter technology that achieves transparent sound, absolute clarity, and perfect imaging to the listener. FirPHASE processing allows for coherent sound distribution for all listeners without phase distortions, ensuring minimum latencies in the system.

Further information on the HDL models can be found HERE.



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