NicLen invests in GLP JDC Line 500

NicLen GmbH has become the first European dry-hire provider to include GLP’s new hybrid JDC Line 500 in its rental fleet. In doing so, the Dortmund-based company has reacted quickly to the increasing demand for creative professional lighting technology solutions.

The JDC Line 500 combines a powerful white light LED strobe with two RGB LED pixel mapping lines. As is typical with GLP products, individual units can be seamlessly connected with one another to form continuous lines of light. As a hybrid solution, the JDC Line 500 is divided into two controllable sections: The LED strobe unit in the middle, with 100 white light LEDs per 500mm, offers incredible brightness for strobe effects, while the separation into 20 individually controllable segments opens up numerous creative pixel mapping options.

Above and below the white LEDs, there are also 2 x 100 RGB LEDs that focus together with the strobe line thanks to a specially developed 500mm lens.

“We have, of course, been watching the market very closely and are convinced of the creative potential of the JDC Line 500,” says NicLen managing director Jörg Stöppler. “GLP is valued internationally for its innovative solutions and is popular with us and our customers.”

In addition to the new JDC Line 500, NicLen also has large numbers of the popular JDC1 hybrid strobe, the weatherproof FUSION Stick FS20 and the new, battery-operated Creative Light 1 Plus in its inventory.”


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