APG to Launch Four New Subwoofers at JTSE

APG, a manufacturer of professional loudspeakers made in France and inventor of the modular line-array, today announced its new iS range of three subwoofers, as well as the UC118i, a new subwoofer from the popular Uniline Compact range. All four new loudspeakers will be presented on the Arbane Groupe stand (#087, Dock Pullman) at the 25th edition of the JTSE (Paris, France, 23–24 November 2021).

The French manufacturer will also take this opportunity to unveil a new visual signature, inspired by the iconic blue border dear to the brand since its creation in 1978, which will now act as an integrated logo on the products’ grilles. Both elegant and discreet, this signature symbolises the sound precision and fidelity for which APG is renowned. New round perforated grilles that are perfectly integrated into the enclosure also complete the new visual appearance of APG loudspeakers.

This new signature accompanies the launch of a brand-new range of subwoofers: the APG iS series. Consisting of three models with a 10”, 12” and 15” driver respectively, the iS series replaces the SB series, bringing an even wider bandwidth of bass that is compatible with the demands of modern music.

The new range also features a number of functional insert points and accessories for wall mounting (iS110), overhead mounting (iS112 and iS115) and coupling, with the iX range of loudspeakers using crossbars to create modular, high-performance and easily movable sound systems.

Thanks to its optional mounting system, the iS115 subwoofer can be coupled with the iX12 loudspeaker. When coupled, the bass efficiency of these two loudspeakers allows the creation of compact clusters that will bring an innovative solution for nightclubs and small to medium concert venues.

To complement the iS range, APG will also be launching the UC118i, a new high-powered subwoofer. Equipped with an 18-inch, bandpass loaded loudspeaker, this subwoofer complements the Uniline Compact range as well as the iX 12 and iX15 models to provide a physiological bass effect.

The UC118i also features a new APG EasyLink docking system that allows for easy clustering of up to three loudspeakers in either omni-directional or cardioid configurations.

All these products will be presented on the Arbane Groupe stand (#087) at the JTSE trade show, which will be held in Paris on the 23rd and 24th of November.

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