MyMethod presents CLONE

MyMethod is a new brand in the market of global stage lighting. The manufacturing company is based in Poland, offering decorative fixtures for the entertainment industry and managing product design, development, and production processes internally.
The Company’s founders are also the management board of MyMethod, and each member of the team has many years of professional experience as specialists in fields such as Business, Production, and Stage Lighting. Doing entertainment for many years, My Method is a place where the team members combine their expertise and interests and having their own production, logistics, and shipping base, allows to control all stages of the production. From the supply of materials and components sourced from proven local suppliers, through the project implementation process, prototyping, technical tests, assembly, and packaging, to shipping and logistics to customer service and warranty. 100% Made in Poland.

MyMethod‘s first product, CLONE, is already on the market and it has achieved its first success. The heart of this fixture is a beautiful, eye-candy tungsten light, available in a set consisting of 6 lamps and one dedicated dimmer with six channels. It can operate as an independent unit or be connected in groups using the connection system developed by the company. The double screw locking system does not require tools for assembly. The screws can be tightened by hand, and they are always in place. The easy fix connection system enables fast and convenient pairing of CLONE lamps into a complex structure. The frames can be connected on each side, creating endless possibilities for design. Now you decide what shape the lamps are.

CLONE can operate with or without the use of structural elements such as truss systems, pipes, and tripods. Because all mounting holes are 12mm, it is universal and suited to the standards used on stage. Although the structure is designed for durability, please remember to follow all safety rules and use steel safety lines when assembling the lamps.

Krzysztof Roslonek, CEO of the Company stated: “When designing a new fixture, I put myself in the place of all those people who will work with it in the future. As a light designer, I would like a device that allows me to pursue my artistic visions, have a unique character, and be a good tool for work. From a business perspective, I look for a solid and timeless product at an attractive price and a universal product that my customers will eagerly reach for. As a stage technician, I would like the device to be easy to use, easy to work with, and compatible with all the solutions on stage I use every day. The list of these people can be endless, and each person has different requirements and expectations. I believe, that only after taking into account the needs of all these people can a product be launched on the market. Today, it is time to introduce to you the CLONE, and we are sure that it will surprise you with its possibilities. We hope that we will soon see our lamps at your events, and working with them will bring you as much joy as we do when creating them.”

“In 2022, we will present our new lamps. They will be completely different from what we now have, and they will be a surprise to many.
Today I will only say that the inspiration for this lamp is based on Science Fiction, and it will be out of this world! We have also started the Project “My Method – Custom Department” dedicated to individual clients, bands, designers, and companies. Our design office and production capabilities allow us to implement personalized ideas. We are currently working on this project, and we will be able to show it soon. If you are a designer and would like us to create something unique and dedicated for you, please, contact us and tell us about your idea. Let’s take an example of a band planning a tour, an important event, or a video clip; we can create a custom project catered to your event. We will create a lamp no one has ever seen before! We are waiting for a worthy challenge.”

MyMethod is building a sales network based on trusted distributors and is currently finalizing talks with distributors on three continents,
that the company will be able to introduce soon. If you are interested in buying CLONE just check the MyMethod website. If there are no distributors yet in your country, please, contact the company directly. If you want to distribute MyMethod products in your country, please, contact [email protected]


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