UNiKA PRO-148 and PRO-248: active DI boxes

UNiKA introduces PRO-148 and PRO-248, two new active DI boxes in mono and stereo (2-channel) configuration for professional applications on stage and in the studio. The powerful active electronics are complemented by the integrated, specially selected audio isolation transformer optimised for first-class sound.

Pure signal: PRO-148 and PRO-248
The new DI boxes PRO-148 and PRO-248 from UNiKA fully satisfy the professional need for uncoloured signal transmission. Guitars, bassguitars, effect pedals or other high-impedance signals – the DI boxes grace every instrument connected to them with an open, rich and perfectly musical sound. PRO-148 is a mono DI box, accepting balanced or unbalanced input via its flexible XLR/TRS combo jacks. The Thru jack output allows for forwarding the input signal to a guitar amplifier or other peripherals. A 20-dB pad switch prevents overload from particularly loud sources, while the Ground Lift switch eliminates ground loops. PRO-248 is furnished almost identically, but offers two channels, qualifying for stereo signals or two mono sources. The TRS jack inputs work with balanced or unbalanced signals. The DI boxes feature high-performance active electronics. 48 V phantom power suffices to power the unit, supplied via the output cable. External power supplies or batteries are not required.

Technically and musically top of the class
UNiKA stands for uncompromising audio quality at every link in the signal chain. The DI boxes achieve impressive technical values. But much more important to UNiKA than the data sheets is the sonic performance. The transformer used was selected in long test series and listening tests due to its outstanding audio properties. Musicians and sound engineers can rely on PRO-148 and PRO-248 to always get the best out of a signal chain. Even particularly dynamic instrument recordings thrill with a brilliant richness of detail and a comforting saturation via the UNiKA DIs. PRO-148 and PRO-248 preserve the whole sound of the instrument – with all its nuance and subtlety.

Stage-proof build quality
DI boxes are not only used in the studio and for fixed installations but are also very common for a large number of applications in professional touring. The models of the new UNiKA PRO series employ solid metal housings that can easily take a beating during an ecstatic rock-and-roll show. A rubber mat on the underside prevents the boxes from sliding across the stage. Mono or stereo, UNiKA PRO-148 and PRO-248 will survive a tough touring schedule for years without problem – while always providing pristine sound quality.

Fast and easy service
Especially regarding the longevity of a DI box, UNiKA has renounced any compromise in the housing design of the new PRO series. The optimised construction allows quick access to all components in case of service. By loosening only 4 screws, the protective outer shell can be separated from the inner workings of the boxes. The carrier part housing all the electronics can be pulled out like a drawer. With all components exposed, the circuit board can be easily serviced and repaired – a real plus for all those who rely on their DI box.




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