Design meets sound – BORA moves into new office building using RCF systems for events and business

BORA, the company that invented the cooktop extractor systems for kitchens in private homes and restaurants, recently moved into its new office building in Raubling, Bavaria. The building’s remodelling was assigned after finding a winning architect with an architectural competition. The building was completely rebuilt with resource-saving construction in mind, an intelligent façade was constructed, and a 9th floor was added. On the top floor, a multifunctional room was integrated, which also functions as a staff canteen. BORA uses the space for product presentations, but external companies use it for their purposes as well. To give the room the sound possibilities and maximise its diverse usage, BORA founder Willi Bruckbauer and the installation company Musik Mayer GmbH & Co KG from Aiging in Chiemgau (Germany) decided on a sound system from RCF.

The system was to deliver excellent performance for background sound in everyday lunchtime operations and party/band sound in the performance range. Quite unusual but induced by the events taking place, a compact line array system consisting of 2x 4 HDL 26-A components was permanently installed in the ceiling. Further 2x 2 HDL 26-A components, also mounted in the ceiling, serve as a delay array. 3x TTS 15-A subwoofers (frontal) are used as bass clusters. All RCF components are perfectly matched and work seamlessly together. The system is monitored via RCF’s RDNet system.

BORA Managing Director Willi Bruckbauer comments on the top location and the sound equipment being used: “Our requirement for the PA system for the BORA “Hälzyba” on the ninth floor was multifunctional usability: RCF’s PA systems promise perfect, clear sound both during staff lunchtimes and in support of product presentations and events. They already demonstrated their capabilities during our Inspiration Days in June. And before that, the sound machine had already generated enthusiasm at our Christmas party. Another important fact; the design meets our demand for excellent style. All in all, that’s why we are currently equipping another room with an RCF system.”

Rupert Meyer from Musik Mayer is also pleased with the successful integration: “Every time I visit BORA, I am always pleased with the system. It is very present in the background (at minimum volume) when the employees are having lunch. Even at these low input levels, there is no background noise or anything like that. At occasional parties with small bands or DJs, the system is working with definitively more power, but even at high sound levels, it sounds very balanced and unaggressive.”

You can find more information about HDL 26-A HERE.

Information on the service provider Musik Mayer can be found HERE.


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