RCF HDL 26 ensures clear statements

Citizen participation is more important than ever in times of corona restrictions and thus a difficult undertaking. The presentation of the candidates for the election of the Lord Mayor of Schwäbisch Hall, a town in the south of Germany, took place under Corona restrictions in the local Hagenbachhalle. The sound during the event was provided by the company LIVITO Eventtechnik with its owner Andreas Schnepf, who used the active 2-way line array HDL 26-A from RCF.

For this purpose, nine HDL 26-A modules each flew to the right and left of the stage. A TT 25-A II full-range speaker was suspended centrally above the stage as fill. Four more TT 051-A II units served as stage monitors. Andreas Schnepf controlled the whole sound system with RCF’s own RDNet control system, which also simplified rigging.

Andreas Schnepf on the use of the HDL 26-A: “The HDL 26-A is extremely light and also saves space during transport. It sounds absolutely neutral and is easy to control. When rigging with two pick points, the digital tilt angle meters built into each HDL 26-A module have proven to be a helpful tool. The tilt angles can be easily readout for each module via RDNet.”

For the sound realisation of the event, the focus was understandably on speech intelligibility when selecting the audio system. Another challenge was the problematic acoustics of the multi-purpose hall. In addition, the corona regulations meant that the rows of seats were spaced out right down to the last row. So it was essential that the audience could follow what was being said in perfect intelligibility, even in the last rows.

Andreas Schnepf on the acoustic conditions on site: “The acoustics in the hall are very challenging. But the result we achieved with the RCF components was excellent and exceeded my expectations! We measured only a 2 dB difference over the entire area to be sounded and realised an absolutely homogeneous frequency distribution. That was really fun.”

For more information on HDL 26-A click HERE.

Info: www.rcf.it

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