Software Update: Hippotizer™ V4.6.1

Building on the success of Hippotizer v4.6, Green Hippo proudly releases v4.6.1.
Fixing many of the reported issues found in v4.6.0, this new version also adds key new features to TimelinePlus further strengthening Hippotizer’s Design > Prepare > Deliver workflow.

The main changes in v4.6.1:

  • Added the ability to Re-assign tracks in TimelinePlus
  • Added the ability to rename tracks in TimelinePlus
  • Added Help dialogue to TimelinePlus
  • Added the ability to auto-load files in MPCDI.
  • Added the ability to receive DEAP data directly in SHAPE
  • Added the ability to record automation data in SHAPE
Fixes and improvements have been made throughout the system in response to user feedback. Key improvements include:
  • Fixed issue in LiveMask where the naming dialogue was hidden behind the mask editor.
  • Fixed ZooKeeper crash when navigating between mixes and Output Manager.
  • Fixed issue where Timelines would not appear in the Timeline list in TimelinePlus.
A full list of fixes, improvements and known issues can be found in the release notes.
The Software Assurance date of 4.6.1 is: 02-Feb-2020. A system with valid Software Assurance as of this date will install and run this and any 4.6.x version of software. Once installed, the software will continue to operate for the life of the machine.


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