Voice-Acoustic expands its LA-Stick Series

Voice-Acoustic announced a major upgrade to its existing and successful LA-Stick product series: the expansion of LA-Stick 8×4 and LA-Stick 12×4. The LA-Stick family are compact, lightweight and user-friendly Line-Array Sticks with waterproof 4″ neodymium wideband transducer and in 3 different configurations available. All existing accessories and hardware of the LA-Stick Series are fully compatible with the new additions.

“With the introduction of the new LA-Stick 8×4 and 12×4 we are able to engage new opportunities and enlarge flexibility for sophisticated installationapplications”, said Stefan Rast, CEO of Voice-Acoustic. “The LA-Stick Series products and accessories are compatible with each other and can be used in various combinations. The housing design and the hardware enable the LA-Sticks to be coupled to one another and the vertical directivity to be adjusted continuously. All connection and angle mechanisms are on the back of the speaker and cannot be seen from the front.”

Available in 3 different models, each with an 8° angled trapezoid shaped housing with tapered shape sides and innovative Voice-Acoustic designed hardware makes the LA-Stick Series one of the most flexible and elegant column-style speaker on the market.

The new Voice-Acoustic LA-Stick 8×4 and LA-Stick 12×4 are “Made in Germany”and available now.
Info: www.voice-acoustic.de

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