RCF Launches New Compact M 04 Two-Way Professional Speaker

The COMPACT M 04 is a multipurpose two-way 4″ full-range coaxial speaker system, suitable for a wide range of applications.

The balanced sound is a big asset in near-field applications for the best intelligibility. M 04 features 16-ohm impedance, useful when wiring multiple speakers in parallel. Thanks to the use of oversized magnets and high sensitivity, sound quality is improved, with smooth and wide frequency response.

Included wall mount bracket allows the use of the M 04 on wall or ceiling installations. The front logo is rotatable.

Elegant design aesthetic, multiple formats and RCF signature sound quality that allows to deliver a supreme audio experience in any application, from restaurant and retail shops to clubs, corporate spaces and venues.

Compact dimensions and impressive size/weight to SPL output ratio. These are the features that will allow your audience enjoying an immersive musical experience.

Music supports engagement and improves the feeling of hospitality in the environment, especially if the perceived sound quality is higher. This is the aim of RCF Compact M Series – optimal performance in both background music and high powered foreground audio.

Compact M speakers sticks to the functionality and style of the Italian design, always in harmony with any type of interiors. With a complete range of solid wood cabinets, multiple rigging points and accessories, installation time is minimal. The EUROBLOCK connection panel can be replaced with female Neutrik SpeakON connection panel in seconds.

COMPACT M series features high sensitivity and Hi-Fi sound quality, with smooth and wide frequency response, thanks to the wave-guided compression driver. The SPL level of low distorted audio is far above any expectations from such a compact solution. The elegant and compact design with accurate finishing makes it suitable for almost any environment and architectural constraints.

Info: www.rcf.it

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