CODA Audio Launches HOPS12i

CODA Audio has announced the expansion of its HOPS (high output point source) range with the addition of the new HOPS12i. An extremely high output, three-way point source, HOPS12i incorporates extremely high performance 12” neodymium cone drivers with 4” voice coils adapted from those found in CODA Audio’s flagship line-array, AiRAY, delivering huge power with matchless clarity.

Versatility is key to the HOPS12i. As well as CODA’s very latest DAC (Dynamic Airflow Cooling) technology, it features exchangeable and rotatable waveguides that provide various options for adjusting directivity, but unlike many other loudspeakers that ‘only’ steer high frequency – the HOPS12i waveguides control all the way down to 300Hz. The benefits of this cannot be understated – the broadband energy is focused exactly where required, whilst keeping it away from walls and other reflective surfaces – two clear advantages in terms of intelligibility.

90º x 60º and 60º x 40º waveguides are available, and both are rotatable, giving four directivity options. The impressive low end of the full-range HOPS12i means that in many applications, subs might not be required – something that is particularly helpful in multi-use education settings, for example. HOPS12i thus offers system designers even more choice towards achieving optimal solutions across the very broadest range of applications. As with the entire HOPS range, HOPS12i is complemented by a variety of accessories and mounting options that allow for the greatest possible flexibility in fixed installations.

HOPS12i can be customised in wide range of colours – weatherproofing options are also available for demanding environments. The latest versions of CODA’ proprietary amplifier control software (Linus Control V2.2) and prediction software (System Optimiser) both contain new data sets incorporating the newly released HOPS12i loudspeaker.


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