FBT installed at the CGKV De Lichtbron of Stadskanaal, The Netherlands.

FBT installed a new sound reinforcement system at the CGKV De Lichtbron of Stadskanaal, The Netherlands.

The church has been equipped with: VERTUS CLA206A, CLA406.2A and VENTIS 108A with their specific accessories for optimal audio performance. The installation was provided by Round Audiovisual.

The FBT VERTUS CLA206A two-way bi-amplified speaker system incorporates 2 x 6,5” custom woofer with 1,5” voice coil and 1 x
1,4″ B&C HF neodymium driver with 2,5 voice coil. The internal Class D amplifier module constructed in die-cast aluminum delivers
600W for LF, 300W for HF and DSP processor with 8 equalization presets provide unexpected dynamics in a system of these
dimensions. The frequency response is from 65Hz to 20kHz, with a maximum SPL of 133dB, horizontal coverage angle of 100° and vertical coverage angle 25°. It features a 0,47″ birch plywood with internal metal bracing and the front shall be protected by a heavy duty metal grille. The control panel provides Level control, HF level, Preset, HP filter, Gnd lift, 3 status led ( on, peak, prt/limit ), XLR input & link and Neutrik Powercon Cable Duplex for power supply. New hardware for flying installations, for ground setups and the possibility of coupling two or more FBT CLA406.2A/ CLA206Awith an angle of 0° – 20°; top side inclined 20°. It can be integrated elegantly and with minimal intrusion into any environment. The system can be used both in small point source systems with the VERTUS CLA118SAsub and in clusters of two to have a dispersion of 40° vertical.

The FBT VERTUS CLA406.2A is a 2 way bi-amplified line array column made of 0,47″ birch plywood with scratch resistant varnish. It features 4 x 6,5″ custom woofer with 1,5″ voice coil, Neodymium B&C compression HF driver with 1,4″ throat and 2,5″ voice coil , a class D 600W RMS amplifier for LF and 300W RMS for HF, DSP processor with 8 equalization presets , 100°H x 25°V dispersion and is completely manufactured in Italy.

For the VENTIS range, quality and flexibility are the watchwords. Based on a powerful combination of B&C compression drivers and FBT’s own custom, long excursion woofers, the 115, 112, 110 and 108 models are two-way, bass reflex designs housed in 15mm birch plywood. A full-grille design backed by specially treated acoustic cloth delivers the characteristic style for which FBT is known, while fully rotatable constant directivity horns ensure accurate coverage.

The VENTIS 108A is equipped with a 200mm (8”) LF woofer with 50mm (2”) voice coil, custom made for FBT and 25mm (1”) exit throat B&C HF compression driver with 36mm (1.4”) voice coil. The frequency response is specified from 65Hz to 20 kHz. The loudspeaker has a 80°H x 50°V Constant Directivity Rotatable Horn, optional wall bracket mount thread, 35mm (1 3/8”) top-hat and one integrated pocket handle.

FBT is distributed in the Netherlands by AudioBizz Benelux B.V.

Info: www.fbt.it

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