Luca Di Donato joins the Zalight Team

Zalight welcomes in its Team Luca Di Donato, appreciated and recognized professional with 25 years of experience in the Italian Entertainment and Architectural market.

“Zalight is a company founded in 2013, specializing in the key sectors of professional lighting: broadcast, events, cinema, theater, rental.” , says the owner Graziano Zanini.
“The secret to the rapid growth of this company has been to work in the field alongside leading professionals in successful shows and events, learning from them and anticipating the evolution of the market.
And even in this difficult moment, Zalight is once again investing in its future and aiming for excellence.In the next few years the market will return to growth, and will be full of satisfaction for those who will be able to seize the new opportunities.
I am even more sure because I will have a great friend and one of the best Italian professionals, Luca Di Donato, by my side in this adventure.
Luca is appreciated by everyone in the industry for his competence, passion and honesty. He has a deep knowledge of the professional market in both Entertainment and Architectural fields, due to the many years he spent as Commercial Manager for companies of international level, and to his continuous collaboration with Rental Companies, Installers, Lighting Designers, Directors of Photography, Design Companies, Fitters, and Resellers. He is truly one of the best trained professionals in our sector with his two degrees, Masters and specializations in both economics and music.
I am sure that we will take Zalight to a even higher level of diffusion and competitiveness on the Italian market “

“There is mutual esteem and identity of views with Graziano”, says Luca Di Donato. “Grown through two parallel professional paths in which we have learned to appreciate the strengths of each other.
I’m going to bring my contribution to make Zalight grow and make it evolve into a modern marketing oriented company following the current path, in which the customer has always been at the very center.
We have many sectors to explore, brands to enhance and others to acquire, old and new customers to meet … and many kilometers to go!
But nothing scares us, as we both share an unstoppable passion for this profession, and we can count on a team of close-knit and competent people: Gianluca Bronzini, Barbara Francone, Cecilia Lusenti and Fabio Franciosi.
For those wishing to contact me, these are my new references:
[email protected] – + 39 366.5459806 .”


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