Steinigke Showtechnic GmbH supports the initiative #handforahand

Since the Corona crisis in Germany and many European countries has de facto banned events for months, self-employed lighting, stage and sound technicians, stagehands and roadies are facing financial ruin. The #handforahand initiative supports these people in need through no fault of their own quickly and unbureaucratically with donations from a solidarity fund.

“As a manufacturer and wholesaler of event technology, we have been deeply rooted in the industry for over 40 years. We have always maintained a relationship with our customers and colleagues based on partnership. Now that the corona pandemic is hitting the entire industry hard, we feel it is our duty to also support those who have remained loyal to us for years,” says Matthias Schwab, Managing Director of Steinigke Showtechnic.

For this reason, Steinigke Showtechnic not only supports the initiative with a direct donation, but also draws attention to the campaign through all available channels. “We also see ourselves as a multiplier here,” explains Anja Metz, company speaker; “the more attention the initiative receives, the better the system works. Both potential donors and potential recipients have to know about the campaign first, after all, in order to make a difference together.”

Dorian Steinhoff, initiator of #handforahand, commented on the collaboration with Steinigke Showtechnic: “We are extremely happy to have Steinigke Showtechnic as a strong supporter on our side, who knows and understands the needs and hardships of the industry and has decided to stand up for them. On behalf of the entire association, I would like to thank you for this great commitment in difficult times. Without companies taking responsibility in this way, #handforahand would have nowhere near the capabilities we have to mitigate pandemic impacts of those who have been hit economically for their livelihoods.”

To date, the #handforahand initiative has collected more than €750,000 in donations and distributed much of it to those in need, after assessment by an independent award panel. All of the project’s staff work on a voluntary basis, so that the 98 percent of donations are passed on.


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