Elation Professional: February 4th Elation Coffee Break – Evolution of the Ellipsoidal

Join hosts Alistair Smyth and Frederik Afif on a February 4th Elation Coffee Break as they examine three modern-day ellipsoidals from Elation Professional.

With the WW Profile HP™ and CW Profile HP™ the traditional tungsten Leko has been re-engineered from the ground up with efficient LED engines, while the Fuze Profile CW™ takes the evolution even further with more features and fully automated performance. These LED framing fixtures, all with high CRI and outstanding output, are ideal for applications where an ellipsoidal fixture of outstanding quality is required.

The Elation Coffee Break on modern-day ellipsoidals will air live on Thursday, February 4th at 11:00 a.m. CEST.
Tune in at www.facebook.com/ELATION.Pro.Europe/live/.
It’s easy and no registration is required.

The Elation Coffee Break is an online presentation series from Elation’s European office in Kerkrade, the Netherlands that takes an up-close look at some of the company’s most popular product series. To view previous Elation Coffee Break webinars, please visit www.facebook.com/ELATION.Pro.Europe/live/.

Info: www.elationlighting.com

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