KV2 Audio introduces the new CS Series loudspeaker range for high fidelity vocal reinforcement applications

In response to customer demand, KV2 is pleased to introduce the new CS Series loudspeaker range that has been specially designed to deliver ultra-high vocal intelligibility and music reproduction in a compact form factor. A variety of flexible mounting options and easy connectivity make the CS range an ideal candidate for the corporate and rental markets.

The range consists of three extremely high quality two-way passive loudspeakers; the compact CS6, the medium sized CS8 and the larger CS12. Voiced for speech and utilising KV2’s analogue delay line first developed in the revolutionary ESD series, these discrete solutions are able to cover surprisingly large areas with relatively few boxes, providing excellent results in even the most challenging acoustic environments.

For rapid deployment the focus was placed on easy handling and quick connectivity. Accessories include a KV2 pole mount for speaker stands, as well as vertical and horizontal brackets with a precise tilt angle setting. The M10 fixing points cater for other standard accessories such as spiggots, clamps and couplers.

The low profile trapezoidal cabinet design offers 35 and 55 degree angles, which also makes the CS range perfect for a variety of personalised monitoring situations.

The easy handling and connectivity of these boxes means less time is wasted during set up, with a 1+/ 2+ speakON connection, switchable in the field, allowing an additional speaker ring to be run independently down the same cable. The CS6 also features speakON connectivity in the top and bottom alongside the rear panel for neater cabling possibilities on a truss.

With exceptional KV2 quality as standard and unprecedented vocal intelligibility coupled with easy handling and connectivity, the CS range is a worthy addition to any rental inventory.

Product overview video here: https://youtu.be/1A4nB5Ug79M

Info: www.kv2audio.com

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