Holopops Ultra Holographic Projection System in Viral Debut

When Kim Kardashian-West celebrated her 40th Birthday this year her husband, Kanye West, gifted her a hologram of her late father. Presented on the Holopops Ultra Holographic Projection System, the event was the debut outing for this unique and innovative product, yet it secured a global launch that most manufacturers can only dream of.

Liz Berry, CEO of Hologramica and inventor and creator of Holopops explains: “A social media frenzy started when Kim Kardashian West tweeted: ‘For my birthday, Kanye got me the most thoughtful gift of a lifetime. A special surprise from heaven. A hologram of my dad. It is so lifelike! We watched it over and over, filled with emotion.’”

Since then that single tweet has received over 35,000 quote tweets and over 18,000 retweets, with over 235,000 likes. Similar posts on Facebook and Instagram also went viral with over 14 million views of the hologram on Instagram alone.

The story has also hit global news channels and chat shows, bringing the Holopops Ultra unprecedented exposure.

Media outlets, including the BBC and CNN, have speculated on how the compelling and life-like holographic effect was achieved, but Berry can confirm: “We use our patent pending 3D Holonet in the Holopops Ultra Display System. This has already been proved to deliver high quality, super real imagery on full production hologram projects including BASE Hologram’s ground breaking An Evening with Whitney, The Whitney Houston Hologram Tour, Roy Orbison In Dreams tour and for opera fans, Callas in Concert. 3D Holonet is a highly reflective yet transparent surface that produces professional and compelling results, ensuring the holographic effect feels solid and real.”

But conjuring stars back from the past is just one small aspect of the Holopops Ultra’s capability. In truth, it can be used to bring any person, or indeed people, living or departed, live or pre-recorded, from anywhere in the world, into places they could not otherwise physically be or get to. As a result, it provides the ideal tool for seamless, engaging communication for brands, individuals, politicians, education providers, musicians and DJs, as well as celebrity parties.

Furthermore, during a time when social distancing is universal and large gatherings are to be avoided, by adding high quality ‘Zoom’-type video communications technology, the Holopops Ultra allows for the possibility of life size, real time holograms for live business communications.

The Holopops Ultra is portable, quick to install, intuitive to set up and requires a simple video feed of suitable holographic content to create a captivating experience. In addition, the footprint of the system is uniquely compact, plus the Holopops Ultra is also competitively cost effective.

Daniel Reynolds of Kaleida, production company and content producers for the Kardashian event, and committed users of 3D Holonet, comments: “Because of its unique properties 3D Holonet is the brightest, smoothest holographic screen in production. It is straightforward to use and incredibly durable, making it easy to tour and transport without damage. We are proud of the content we produce; we want it to look its very best and for that reason 3D Holonet is the only holographic screen we use.”


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