Modern times – LD Systems sound system in Lil’ Amsterdam

People arrive at or leave from railway stations, with the functional transport hubs rarely offering much more. Amsterdam Centraal Station, in the heart of the Dutch capital, has stood out from the crowd since its opening in the late 19th century and belongs on every tourist’s to-do list thanks to its neo-Renaissance building. Since this year, the country’s second largest railway station has offered another attraction: Lil’ Amsterdam. The coordinator, DJ-verkoop, relied on various LD Systems products to provide sound for the stylish shopping and gastronomy area on the lower level of the station.

“Contemporary culture for public spaces” is how the creators of Lil’ Amsterdam describe their concept. Inside there are stores for clothing and art, bars and restaurants as well as Lil’ Club – a mix of café, lounge, work space and club that has tables, armchairs and sofas spread around the space. Maarten Stapper, from DJ-verkoop, installed sound systems, radio systems and DSP-controlled signal processing from LD Systems here and in the shopping areas to enable different application scenarios that include background music, product presentations and live or club events.

Active Stinger systems, consisting of STINGER 15 A G3 2-way bass reflex PA speakers and STINGER SUB 18 A G3 18″ subwoofers, ensure powerful and clean sound in Lil’ Club. To ensure uniform distribution in the complex layout, Maarten Stapper also installed additional CURV 500 Duplex satellites as a delay at strategically important points.

Lil’ Amsterdam relies on the U500 wireless series from LD System for readings, presentations and other voice-based applications. Depending on the application, a dual receiver with two handheld microphones (U500 HHD 2) or a dual receiver with two bodypacks and headsets (U500 BPH 2) are used. The shopping passages and the individual stores are covered by LD Systems SAT 82 installation speakers powered by CURV 500 iAMP 4-channel amplifiers.

The following products are used in Lil’ Amsterdam:
2x LD Systems STINGER 15 A G3 2-way bass-reflex PA loudspeakers
4x LD Systems STINGER 18 A G3 18” bass-reflex PA subwoofers
4x LD Systems CURV 500 D SAT duplex satellites
4x LD Systems CURV 500 S2 array satellites
2x LD Systems CURV 500 iAMP 4-channel class-D installation amplifier
8x LD Systems SAT 82 G2 8″ installation loudspeakers
1x LD Systems U500 HHD 2 dual microphone system with 2x handheld microphones
1x LD Systems U500 BPH 2 dual microphone system with 2x bodypacks and 2x headsets
1x LD Systems DS2.1 19″ DSP controller




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