Interview with Darya Bakhmanova, the Head of Marketing Department of ARIS

After a long break, at the end of September, the Forum of Multimedia and Show Technologies took place in Moscow. It was a great event for the professionals of sound, lighting, multimedia, theatre and stage, organized by ARIS company.

LightSoundJournal talked to Daria Bakhmanova, Head of Marketing Department of ARIS about the Forum and the company’s activities. ARIS is well known in Russia and other countries. Tell us about your company and what is cooking in the pot?

Daria Bakhmanova: This year we celebrate our 30th anniversary. Throughout all these years sound is our job, our expert area, our love and passion. We have the retail business (headphones, microphones) as well as complex projects. Our venues are Zaryadye concert hall, new stage of the Bolshoy Theatre, Malyi Theatre and its theatre branch in Kogalym, Patriot park and its Main church of Russian military force, MSU and Historical museum lecture halls, club Centr in the Yeltsin-centre, THE TOY restaurant, convention halls of General Procuracy and Russian Railways. The rental companies have a special place in our business. These are not only clients, but also partners, our assistants for promoting the equipment. That’s why we are extremely active in this market area and provide special arrangements. RCF was one of your first international partners. Tell us more about this partnership.

Daria Bakhmanova: ARIS started as a speakers manufacturer, and it was RCF who supplied us with drivers. Our next step was licensed audio equipment production, with RCF quality but for lower price. Once the market demand grew ten and then hundreds times, there emerged the need of smart systems with electronics and DSP, so we decided to switched to distribution… of RCF systems, of course!
RCF is our great partner that gives us all necessary business support and even more — cause they are fantastic Italians who put their heart and soul even into the business relationship. RCF, DiGiCo, d&b audiotechnik — what other companies do you represent in the Russian market?

Daria Bakhmanova: Honestly, those three would be enough. For example, DiGiCo is the most popular brand of mixing consoles today. Then we have KLANG:technologies, the manufacturer of 3D ear monitor processors, the first and only in the world for now. We got Beyerdynamic, renown headphones and microphones manufacturer from Germany. HEDD, the company of the legendary Klaus Heinz producing monitors and headphones with AMT technology. For system integration we can boast brands like Symetrix platforms, Cloud equipment, Bittner Audio. Klotz commutation, EuroMet and ARX accessories… We’ve got everything to realize a project of any dimension. Your company is founded in 1991. Tell us about the very beginning…

Daria Bakhmanova: As all the old-timers of the market, we started from DIY. We made audio systems. By the way, they were extremely reliable and sounded not bad! A while ago we made a reequipment in one of the local community centers. Finally we changed such system to a modern one. It has been working there for more than 20 years, can you imagine? What are your major priorities except for representing global brands in Russia?

Daria Bakhmanova: Our main priority is a smart part, engineering. We consider «box sales» to be a losing strategy on the market of the complex equipment, so we also provide technical support, helping in programming and setting up the equipment, and training.
We have a pretty new divison of our company, The Bureau of Acoustic Researches led by Evgeny Shuev. We know that the final soundscape is built not only by equipment but also by the room acoustics, and often its effect is dramatical. With the use of EASE software we can make the acoustic modeling and foretell if there will be any problems with sound in a specific room and prevent them with sound absorbent and sound-diffusion materials. This scientific approach get us to a new level of sound quality in our projects. During the pandemic many companies switched to online mode. What about you? Did you cut down the staff? What support do you offer to your employees in this uneasy for everyone period?

Daria Bakhmanova: We worked remotely for a while (the time we were urged by local laws) and once the restrictions were lifted and we could get back to the office, we immediately did. We didn’t cut the staff, cause our team is the most valuable source of the company. Moreover, we are expanding. We enhanced our service center and now we’re looking for the project manager. Did you hold any online conferences, courses, webinars?

Daria Bakhmanova: Yes, we had a few. Due to the borders closure almost all the countries cut their flight connections. Did it affect the equipment delivery from the companies you represent?

Daria Bakhmanova: No, it didn’t. It was not about cargo aviation. Besides, most of the brands we represent come from Europe, and delivery is made by truck. So delivery time is still 6-8 weeks and we are keeping it up. In the end of September The Multimedia and Show Technologies Forum took place in Moscow, and the ARIS company was its host. It was one of the first offline events recently. Tell us more about it.

Daria Bakhmanova: The people were longing for the live communications and we had lots of requests for some kind of offline activity. So with our partners Yarovit we caught the flag of the cancelled exhibition and made the Forum at the Yarovit Hall & CyberSpace venue. It was visited by more than 1000 people for 3 days. The expo area with the equipment novelties, fascinating lectures and discussions (mentored by : Yury Astafyev, Robert Boym, David Misakyan, Nikita Sarbashev and Pavel Kudelin), the loud stand with the concert sound demonstration… So, if you haven’t been there, you can only regret and watch the lectures video that soon will be on site, Facebook page and YouTube channel ArisPro TV Can you share your plans for autumn, are you willing to expand your brand portfolio for Russia?

Daria Bakhmanova: Yes, we clearly stated this at the Forum, and “clearly” here is literal: now we have Adamson, the famous top class acoustic systems brand. With the support of the distribution company LifeMaster from Krasnodar we had a demonstration of Adamson sound reforce systems at the Loud stand of the Forum, and the professional community with one voice voted it to be a leader in the industry.
So this is our plan: develop the new brand not forgetting about old ones. I can’t tell more, but soon we’re going to announce our next awesome event dedicated to d&b audiotechnik. Stay tuned!


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