RCF is shipping F 24XR Mixing Console

RCF is now shipping F 24XR, the biggest of the F Series analog mixing consoles.

The F 24XR features 18 mic preamp inputs, 16 mono line inputs, 4 stereo line inputs, multi-FX, 6 single control compressors, stereo recording and playback via USB port, balanced main output (Stereo XLR + TRS) . The mono channels are provided with 3-band EQ, with selectable mid frequency, and 3-band for stereo channels. The mixer features 16 PRO DSP internal presets, two stereo output busses and 4 aux sends (2 pre, 1 pre/post, 1 post). It also features 60mm faders.

An aesthetically pleasing panel and high contrast graphics, premium quality connections and easy routing make it possible to mix yuor music with minimal technical expertise and the best results. Housed in a sturdy metal chassis, each mixer builds on a fully balanced and low noise audio path from input to output, with single control compressors to limit signal peaks and a modern sounding EQ.

F Series Mixers feature high-quality preamplifiers with phantom power, offering superior sound and dynamics. State-of-the-art 3 band EQ on mono channels with semi parametric mid-band EQ, 2 bands EQ on stereo channels. With a separate line input, line level signals are less noisy than other consoles. F-16XR and F-12XR models feature Hi-Z input level control for musical instruments such as acoustic instruments with piezo transducers, electric bass or guitars with stomp boxes.

Info: www.rcf.it

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