Waves DSPRO StageGrid 1000

Waves Audio is now shipping the DSPRO StageGrid 1000, a Waves SoundGrid®-compatible stagebox.

DSPRO, located in Porto Alegre, Brazil, is a developer and manufacturer of innovative and high-performance products for the professional audio market, including PA, Broadcast, Mobile units and Installation.

The DSPRO StageGrid 1000 is a compact I/O device for Waves’ eMotion LV1 live mixing systems, with eight mic/line ins, four analog out and AES/EBU ins/outs, all digitally controlled. Use this versatile unit close to your mixing console to add more inputs and outputs at FOH or monitors, or on stage in order to add more inputs and outputs for stage performers.

With eight digitally controlled mic/line ins, four balanced analog outputs, and an AES/EBU stereo I/O, this 1U rack unit offers the perfect balance between size and functionality, delivering exceptional, no-compromise sound quality and reliability.
This rugged and road-ready StageGrid 1000 unit is powered by the same proven audio interface as the larger DSPRO StageGrid 4000, making the DSPRO StageGrid family the perfect I/Os for the most demanding live mixing environments.

StageGrid 1000 is fully compatible with Waves’ SoundGrid ecosystem. It interfaces with SoundGrid hosts and network components to make up a modular, scalable audio distribution infrastructure, which can process multichannel audio at ultra-low latency using Waves’ award-winning plugins.

DSPRO StageGrid 1000 features:

Compact I/O device for the eMotion LV1 live mixer
Ideal for use at FOH or monitors
Eight microphone or line inputs
Four balanced analog outputs on XLR connectors
One input and one output stereo AES / EBU
Sampling rates from 44.1 kHz to 96 kHz
Two headphone outputs with volume control
SoundGrid Ethernet connection
1U rack mountable unit

Info: www.waves.com/hardware/dspro-stagegrid-1000

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