Laser Entertainment summer shows at the time of Covid -19 restrictions

How many of you believe in monsters that live in lakes? Here, we speak not about the famous monster of Loch Ness, but rather “Molvius”, a legendary animal said to live in the depths of the splendid lake of Molveno (Trento, Dolomiti). It was at this magical location, for four evenings, that several motivated organizations worked to create something magical.

SITM (SocietàIncrementoTuristicoMolveno), alongside Impact Hub Trentino (video content), Laser Entertainment (technology and special effects) and Movimento Creative Label (photo and video), came together to create a truly memorable experience. Together, they staged an installation recalling the legend of the monster Molvius, using a mix of laser and 3D video projections. The green creature – with sharp teeth, a long tail and red and white striped socks – seemingly emerged from the waters with realistic effect, before telling its story of overcoming solitude and finding friendship.

How was this effect achieved directly on the lake’s surface? Using water, of course! Laser Entertainment created a 20mt. x 8mt. fan-shaped water screen, positioned on a specially built “water-level” raft. The installation utilized a Christie J 3xDLP 20,000 ansi lumen projector, with a V-Rain series case by Proietta, and managed by a Dataton Watchout v.6 media server.

As for the laser effects, four Kvant Atom RGB lasers (3 x 10 watts and 1 x 15 W) were used, controlled in SMPTE timecode via Pangolin Beyond Ultimate. The setup was completed with 4 LE smokebox smoke machines with outdoor fans and control via wireless W-DMX.

When asked about the results of the installation, Alberto Kellner of Laser Entertainment said: “This year the organizers wanted to complete this installation in compliance with covid19-secure practices, whilst taking advantage of the large spaces available near the lake and the fact that the installation is visible from different viewpoints. This meant that viewers were not forced to gather together or congregate closely. In addition, the show was repeated over four days to give the opportunity for as many people as possible to attend safely”.

Of course, Laser Entertainment and all its technical team have had to face the Covid emergency of the past few months from an event perspective, thus gaining valuable experience in the field that allowed for the whole crew to work safely.

“As far as our technicians are concerned, we have been adopting covid-secure practices for some time already, and we have not encountered any particular difficulties. In addition, and for added peace of mind, the Laser Entertainment team periodically undergoes serological testing. By following the rules and applying a little common sense, you can continue to carry out events. Indeed, this type of show is particularly suitable for the period of restrictions in which we are still living… “.

The show, a mix of ancestral fears and consoling magic, went on stage until the 12th of July, along with a series of other initiatives such as workshops, children’s stories and film screenings. All were conducted in full compliance with anti-COVID-19 regulations, followed in a meticulous manner – so much so that a similar initiative took place at the end of August ( to in Riva del Garda (Trento, Lake Garda) with the installation of the water-screen in the middle of the city dock in front of the main square and displayed the legend of the lake Monster created by the video artist Davide Carioni “Asker”,an amazing 3D creation of the imaginary icon in variably present in medieval legends and stories. The show was one of the flagship attraction of the Luminaria Light Festival of Riva del Garda.

Lastly, a larger water-screen installation has been displayed on the frontside of the Terrazza Mascagni in Livorno (Tuscany), directly into the sea for the Mascagni Festival 2020,from Sept. to Sept., with the concept and video contents designed by Immersiva Livorno.

For this last show, Laser Entertainment installed a larger water-screen of 30mt. wide by 12 high, water fan-shaped water screen, positioned directly into the sea on a specially built and secure scaffolding. The installation utilized a Christie Boxer 3xDLP 30,000 ansi lumen projector, native 4K resolution, with a V-Rain series case by Proietta, and managed by a Dataton Watchout v.6 media server.

As for the laser effects, 2Kvant Atom RGB lasers (1 x 30 watts and 1 x 15 W) were used, controlled and synchronized in SMPTE timecode via Pangolin Beyond Ultimate.


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