Despite the numerous difficulties given by the Covid-19 phenomenon which actually damaged the entire entertainment system, many companies still wants to continue investing in innovation and research, proposing new solutions. Today we examine the new G7-BeaSt by SGM, a fixture that represents an absolute novelty, both in terms of design and new ways of use able to stimulate the creativity of lighting designers.
“The name says it all” one could think, and the “beast” (whose name is the result of the combination of Beam and Strobe), certainly did not disappoint my expectations. Are you curious? Read on …


G-7 BeaSt is a moving head that includes two different modes of use: it’s a beam, with a reference to the past, due to the use of a large reflective dish, and a strobe/blinder obtained from a circular array composed of high-power white LEDs and capable of reproducing pixel, strobe or blinder effects. A special feature of this fixture is the parabolic reflector that allows you to concentrate the multiple reflections in a single coherent and solid beam of light.

Love numbers? We’re talking about a 360 W white LED source in combination with a 440 W SMD LED array and a light output of 85,000 lux at 10 meters for the main beam and a strobe capable of reaching 50,000 lumens. With 102 lumens per watt, the G-7 BeaSt is the most efficient product in the SGM catalog.

ThermalDrive technology allows advanced thermal management of the luminaire through the use of sensors and specially designed software that maintain the optimum temperatures of the LED components ensuring maximum reliability over time. In addition, SGM’s predictive color mixing algorithm compares the decay levels of LEDs to achieve optimal color rendering. Finally, the ThermalDrive system includes state-of-the-art heat regulation resulting from the combination of passive management and active forced air cooling. The result is high efficiency of the LEDs with a stable quality over time.

Another peculiarity is the DryTech system, the integrated patented dehumidification process of SGM that eliminates humidity and breaks down corrosive molecules deriving from polluted air to avoid destructive corrosion. It also guarantees a level of protection against dust and other particles, while ensuring protection against direct water jets..

Speaking of aesthetics, at first glance G-7 BeaSt gives a feeling of high reliability and cleanliness. The handles, well thought out to favor a solid and secure grip, are located in the lower part of the base to allow easy assembly and transport despite the weight. The OLED display is extremely intuitive to use, with a well structured, easy to navigate and understandable menu.

  • Ottiche
    Beam Motorized: Beam Aperture Minimum-1 degree; Beam Apeture Maximum30 degree
    Lens: 110° fixed
    Lens diameter: 320 mm
    Lightsource: High-power white LED (6,000K) – 52 x cool white LEDs (8,000K)
  • Photometric
    Efficacy:102 lm/W
    Light output all LEDs on: 50000 lm
    Lux @ 10m: 85000 lux
    Lux @ 5m: 200000 lux
  • Physical
    Color options: Black – RAL 9004 / Custom color – Any RAL / White – RAL 9010
    IP class: IP66
    Dimensions: 370 x 604 x 432 mm
    Weight: 30 kg
  • Features
    Pixel: 3 (Beam) + 4 (Strobe Blinder)
    Color wheel: Wheel 1: 9 colors + open / Wheel 2: 9 colors + open (including CTO)
    Dimming; Electronic
    Gobo wheel: 6 rotatable, indexable, and interchangeable gobos + open
    LED panel: 4 individually controllable segments (strobe blinder); 3 individually controllable segments (beam)
    Other: CTO filterIndependent control of Beam and Strobe Blinder
    Pan: 640°
    Tilt: 190°
    Strobe: Ultra-high-speed strobe effects; 3″ Rounded Strobe BlinderTilt
  • Electrical
    Max power consumption: 650 W
    Standby power consumption: 40 W
    Typical power consumption: 500 W
  • Programming and Control
    DMX modes: 4 (18, 22, 29 or 35 channels)
    Supported protocols: CRMX, W-DMX™ G2, W-DMX™ G3, W-DMX™ G4, W-DMX™ G4S, USITT DMX512, ARDM ANSI E1.20
    Setting and addressing: OLED graphical display / 4 buttons, RDM ANSI E1.20, Standalone mode
    Wireless DMX: Lumen Radio with RDM
  • Temperature range, Operating: -40°C to 50°C

The product test was made in May, in full lockdown, in an obligatory location but surrounded by a park: the terrace of my home.
In any case, it was an opportunity to take advantage of large outdoor spaces to better observe the range of the light beam, both in terms of distance and aperture, and I am sure I have given the neighborhood some moments of leisure and curiosity in a monotonous everyday context.

The fixture offers four different control modes: Simplified with 18 channels, Standard with 22 channels, Extended with 29 channels plus the fine management of some parameters, and Extended + with 35 channels with 6 more channels than the Extended mode that allow you to manage the four sections of the LED array independently. Despite the presence of two fixtures in one and the various functions, all in all the number of channels remains limited with a good relationship between usability and quantity of effects.

First note of merit concerns the “bang” of light of the main source, which allows to obtain a solid, well-defined and powerful beam even when it’s completely open. The collimator is silent and precise, a really well thought-out system that gives a different feeling compared to the classic zoom present in moving heads.
The two color wheels with 9 slots each, offer an excellent range of color shades in addition to the CTO, a clearly visible blue congo and some useful off-standard colors such as Lime, Lavander and light or deep versions of the primary colors. The 6-slot gobos wheel, one of the strengths of this product, offers in combination with the collimator, the three front lens supports and the LED array, truly original and creative effects, even when using the fixture with the source on sight facing the public. The gobos effects are Split Orange / Congo, Split Cyan / White, Double opening, Search light, Bar and Frost.

The strobe/blinder functionality given by the 52 LEDs that make up the array is really well thought concerning DMX, thanks to the presence of the Dimmer, Duration and Rate parameters and the presence of many effects, ranging from Random Pixels to Halogen Attack and Decay passing through the Lighting, Spinning, Flicker effects and the individual management of 4 different areas of the array.


With G-7 BeaSt, SGM has raised the bar especially at a creative level, going beyond the classic source, beyond the classic concept of gobo, combining a true beam with a true strobe/blinder in a single fixture, without sacrificing functionality and actually increasing the possibilities of use given above all by the combination of the two types of product.
The use is very intuitive, with simplified and well thought-out functions that allow the user not to get lost among the hundreds of DMX channels present in other products that often did not give the results I could get with the BeaSt.

Last but not least, there’s the outdoor and weather protection factor. SGM has always been one of the pioneers for this type of technologies and offers today an even more efficient management, thanks to DryTech and ThermalDrive.

This fixture is suitable for events where long ranges are required, an uncompromising color quality and why not, also for architectural uses, one of the few markets that could overcome the current difficulty in the entertainment world.
A really nice product that certainly won’t go unnoticed by the many Lighting Designers who can’t wait to get back into business as soon as possible, with even more surprising shows.


Walter Lutzu – main tester
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