Cultural Comeback – dts Veranstaltungstechnik Deploys CODA Audio ViRAY at Kultursommer 2020

The City of Oberndorf am Neckar in the German state of Baden-Württemberg this summer played host to a five-week programme of outdoor live entertainment labelled Kultursommer 2020. Created by events specialists dts Veranstaltungstechnik GbR, and taking into account the impact of the global Coronavirus pandemic, this ambitious undertaking required detailed logistical planning, careful organisation and the highest level of production support. The organisers assembled a wide-range of acts from a variety of genres for the outdoor shows, from top metal bands Rage and AXXIS, Classic meets Gypsy with Zorana Memedovic and Heinze Costabel, to comedy and cabaret with Heinrich del Core and Dui do on de Sell.

With more than twenty-five years experience in the sector, dts recently invested in a CODA Audio system, and decided that Kultursommer 2020, with its requirement for versatile high quality sound, would benefit from its deployment. Thomas Müller of CODA, who has worked freelance on numerous dts shows over the years, collaborated with the company to help design the system. Conditions in respect of noise protection for local residents meant that calculations had to be very precise. Müller and the dts team worked together using CODA’s System Optimiser to make accurate predictions of the expected results, helping to ensure that sound would be placed exactly where required, and avoiding disturbance to the site’s neighbours.

All COVID19 regulations were strictly adhered to, with the audience area divided into three zones. Deck chairs were provided at the front of the space, with chairs and tables in the middle. An area for cars was created at the back with those inside receiving an FM transmission. Following detailed discussions between the city administration and dts, a large presence of security staff ensured that there was strict compliance with the rules.

The events were a great success and the ViRAY system met the challenge perfectly as Thomas Müller reports:

“It was great to be involved with Kultursommer 2020. The events provided the region with some much-needed cultural highlights and were extremely well run. As for the system – the ViRAY never ceases to amaze me again and again. It sounds extremely natural and very powerful – it’s a bit like having a loud studio monitor at any location in the audience area. If you close your eyes you feel like you’re sitting directly in front of the artists.

“The comments we received from visiting engineers confirmed that the CODA system was the perfect choice, given the wide variety of acts on show. From brass bands to folk music, and heavy metal to EDM the system demonstrated a consistent and outstanding level of performance. Some of the visiting techs expressed that they had been really looking forward to using it and were not disappointed!”

The main PA for Kultursommer consisted of 6 x ViRAY per side (4 at 80° and 2 at 120°) and a sub-arc comprising 5 x 3 SCV-F subs in cardioid application. 4 further ViRAY boxes (at 120°) were used for frontfill. The requirements for monitoring were variously drawn from G712, APS and SCV.

Müller continues: “The acoustic calculation with the System Optimiser is very quick. The very precise radiation pattern allows us to determine exactly where we need to project the sound. The cardioid sub-arc provides the necessary pressure in the audience area and excellent damping on and behind the stage. The LINUS Control Software allows you to have everything in view so you can intervene and tune accordingly at any time. All the visiting technicians were in agreement that the system impresses with a homogenous dispersion and a very natural sound.”

Jonas Hillman, Front of House Engineer for metal band Vanish commented: “Straight away just running recorded music through the PA, I took a very positive view of the detailed imaging and coverage behaviour. The system sounds very authentic and dynamic. I’d say it provides incredible support in achieving a perfect sound experience in a very short time, with significantly less equalisation than usual.”

Jonathan Schumacher, CEO of dts Veranstaltungstechnik offers his view: “For Kultursommer we were faced with different challenges – maximum performance inside the audience area and the lowest possible emissions outside, as well as a very varied programme of artists. The precise coverage pattern we achieved enabled us to meet our aims and we got a lot of positive comments on the sound at every event, completely vindicating our choice of CODA Audio.”

The hard work and attention to detail that went into Kultursommer 2020 proved successful and demonstrated that in spite of the obvious difficulties presented by the Coronavirus pandemic, the events industry is beginning to regain ground. CODA Audio systems have been deployed on a number of similarly imaginative events across the world, offering rental companies the essential economic advantages of high quality audio and true scalability, in an ultra-compact and lightweight package.


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