Claypaky Presents New Axcor Profile 600 Teatro

The Axcor Profile 600 TEATRO is a special version of the Axcor Profile 600 ST that features an updated cooling system and mechanisms to significantly reduce the unit’s acoustical footprint (from 38dB to approximately 34dB ambient). This fixture is ideal for applications where noise is a concern in venues such as theatres, television studios, opera houses, conference halls, and more.
The Axcor Profile 600 TEATRO offers a flat, uniform beam (no visible hotspots) and has the same physical features, size, and effects of the Axcor 600 family of fixtures making it another very versatile tool for lighting designers. It features a zoom range of 5.3°to 47.2°, CMY color mixing, linear CTO, color wheel with five colors, rotating gobo wheel with seven gobos, rotating 4-facet prism, interchangeable animation wheel, motorized framing system on 4 focal planes, variable frost filter, high-precision iris, electronic linear dimmer and electronic strobe.

The unit is available in two different CRI versions: the Axcor Profile 600 TEATRO, CRI of 70 with an output of 28,000 lumens at 6500K and the Axcor Profile 600 HC TEATRO, CRI of at least 90 with an output of 21,000 lumens at 5600K. Reduced noise and a strong feature set makes the Axcor Profile 600 TEATRO fixtures ideal for many applications.

The Axcor Profile 600 Teatro is now available.

Main Features:
• Light source: 500W White LED Engine
• Two versions available: – CRI: at least 70, up to 28000lm, CT 6500K (Axcor Profile 600 Teatro) – CRI: at least 90, up to 21000lm, CT 5600K (Axcor Profile 600 Teatro HC)
• 132 mm diameter front lens, 5.3° to 47.2° linear Zoom
• CMY + Linear CTO + One Color Wheel with 5 Colors
• One Rotating Gobo Wheel with 7 Gobos + Rotating 4-facet prism
• Animation wheel (interchangeable with fixed gobo wheel)
• Motorized framing system on 4 focal planes and indexable over 90 degrees
• Variable Frost filter, Iris with macro control, 16 bit Electronic linear dimmer, @25 f/sec Electronic strobe
• Control signal: USITT DMX 512. Protocols: RDM, WebServer and Art-Net. DMX Channels: 40/44
• Fully ready for Cloud-IO maintenance tool
• Input Power: 800 [email protected] 50Hz
• Weight: 33 kg (72.7 lbs.) – Dimensions: 410 x 380 x 800 mm (16.1 x 15.0 x 31.5 in.)

VIDEO AxcorProfile 600 Teatro


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